Samsung Launches ‘Bada’ Mobile OS in India

Samsung has launched its latest mobile operating system in India known as “bada”. It was launched at an event organised by Samsung in Bangalore, called ‘Global Developer Day’. At this function, the company interacted with the developer community and explained what benefits its bada platform intends to provide to its potential customers and mobile operators.

Mr J S Shin , President& CEO , Samsung South West Asia said:

Consumers no longer see mobile phones as devices for voice communications. Instead, they relate to their mobiles as communication hubs – as personal gateways to communicate with friends, family and the world at large .This is the era of Smart phones  and in the new Smartphone era, we are committed to making Smartphones available for everyone. Samsung ‘bada’, our new mobile platform is the key driver of our global smartphone strategy. I see the launch of Samsung bada as a powerful opportunity for developers all over the world, especially the vibrant Indian developer community renowned the world over, to get their applications onto an unprecedented number of Samsung devices worldwide.

The following are some of the key characteristics which Samsung bada OS :


Based on Samsung’s signature TouchWiz User Interface, Samsung bada platform provides an easy, simple, and intuitive UI without compromising efficiency. To enhance creativity and user interactivity, Samsung bada provides flash control, web control, motion sensing, fine-tuned vibration control, and face detection. Also, it supports sensor-based, context-aware applications. By using various sensors such as accelerometers, tilt, weather, proximity, and activity sensors, application developers can easily implement context-aware interactive applications.


Samsung bada differentiates its position by supporting various service-centric features such as social networking, device synchronization, content management, location-based services, and commerce services – all supported by back-end bada servers. These ground-breaking developer-friendly features support developers to implement various services with minimal effort.

Open and configurable

Samsung bada enables developers to take full advantage of mobile device capabilities to create compelling applications with ease. Applications can use device functions to make phone calls, send messages, or access the contact list.  Also, various service applications can share information such as personal profiles, social relations, schedules, or contents with a simple user confirmation in order to provide services with greater personal relevance and cooperative service extension. The flexibility of the bada platform makes it applicable to a wide range of devices than any other mobile operating system.


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