Samsung Galaxy 3 V/s HTC Wildfire; Comparison, Price & Pics

Samsung Galaxy 3 I5800 and HTC Wildfire are one of the best entry level Android smart phones available in the market and most of the people I know always remains confused between Samsung Galaxy 3 and HTC Wildfire. Here in the post, we will compare these 2 android devices in detail with their pros and cons and help you decide which phone to go for.

samsung galaxy 3 htc wild fire comparison

Comparison of HTC Wildfire and Galaxy 3:

As seen in the comparison table above, both these phones have almost similar features. The Screen resolution and video recording are below par on both these phones. Music quality is better in Samsung Galaxy 3 due to DNSe Chip and also it has better battery. Camera is better in HTC Wildfire and also has LED Flash. It also has better RAM. Both the phones have their Ups and downs. When it comes to price Galaxy 3 is much cheaper than Wildfire.

If you want a cheaper android phone then Galaxy 3 should fit the bill but you should definitely consider going for HTC Wildfire if you feel the need of a good camera phone and if looks matter more to you.

You can also have a look on the recently launched Micromax Andro costing about Rs. 6900, Motorola Charm or the LG Optimus One that comes with Froyo – latest Android OS.

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  3. mohan Reply

    Dear all,

    Thanks for a very good post…just bit confused… i have 11 k ka budget…intend it for reading PDF, study videos…..
    surfing internet…wht do u feell is goood..thnks..

    • Deepak Jain Reply

      You can purchase galaxy3 without any second thoughts. Just keep in mind that the camera in galaxy 3 is not as good as compared to wildfire.

  4. rishav garg Reply

    hello…..m doctor.can u plz tell me can u plz tell me which will be best for me i need for books,surfing,n camera…my budget is around 12000…..

  5. mohan Reply

    I already have a cdma phone and have now new GSM sim…eventally wanted dual sim cdma-gsm…however not getting any good devices in market.
    camera, pdf reader, video watching,FM , MP3, is what alll i need but at the end of the day sada dual sim (CDMA+GSM) will do….
    SPICE has battery issues have heard…there is some LAVA mobile…for 4k…any one aware about it…

    thanks alll for reading

  6. tuhin Reply

    Can anyone enlighten me whether Wildfire comes with the following :
    1. Java. If not whether it can be loaded with Java for say some flash/video such as watching vimeo,metacafe for some seminars/study?
    2. Document editor (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF)?
    3. Video call
    4. Mobile to PC connection for synchronizing files ?

    Do reply !

    • Deepak Jain Reply

      Hi Tuhin, sorry for late reply. your answers are:

      1. Yes, you can play videos on Wildfire
      2. Yes
      3. Sadly no. No front facing camera
      4. Yes, via HTC Sync. You can also sync your contacts and calendar over the air with Gmail and your android phone integeration.

      • Sudhir panda Reply

        Hi brother i want to know the htc wildfire can read document like(word,PDF,Excel,PPT)

  7. Ganesh Reply

    Hi Deepak Ganesh here
    One more thing i wanted to know about wildfire is can i upgrade it to 2.2 froyo? Please do reply.

  8. Srivatsan Post authorReply


    Yes you can wildfire to 2.2 froyo. HTC Legend got update this month. For wildfire it will be available next month I think.

    • Deepak Jain Reply

      @Ganesh & Srivatsan:
      HTC has already started rolling froyo update for Wildfire users in Euroupe. The update is expected to hit India soon.

  9. Ganesh Reply

    Thank you guys. I will buy wildfire today itself. I didnโ€™t find any bad remarks about this handset. So investing on HTC wildfire is beneficiary. My main object is internet surfing, Music and scheduling. I hope it will meet my requirement.

    Once again thank you very much.

    • Deepak Jain Reply

      Glad to know we could be of help choosing an h/s for you.
      You can send in your reviws to Mobile Gyaan if you like!

      And yes, congrats for your new h/s ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Ganesh Reply

    Thank You Deepak. Ya Sure. Yesterday i bought wildfire. I paid 14500/- for this. Let me use and understand it first. Then i will give my feedback.

  11. Nirmal Reply

    will BSNL works on Samsung Galxy 3 or HTC wildfire?
    pls suggest me, i hav shortlisted both phone , but have doubt that only EDGE services will work on both.
    If anyone who are using bsnl GPRS ( not 3G), plz tell his experience

  12. Abhishek Kumar Reply


    Juz wanna know how good the GPRS works on wildfire, i am planning to buy 1… ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Ganesh Reply

      Hi Abhishe

      Deepak is right. It got GPRS, INTERNET, EDGE AND 3G. I am using DOCOMOโ€™s 2G network Internet in my WF. Itโ€™s good in fact i am getting 37kbps. So choice is yours. Whether you want to use Internet in regular network or you can go for 3G service. Choice is yours.

  13. Tej Reply

    I’M not able to decide between Galaxy 3 and HTC wildfire…….
    Budget is not my problem……
    plz suggest me one from them……..

    THNQ…. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ganesh Reply

      Hi Tej

      In Wildfire: You will get_ Froyo updated, sensitive touch screen, Fabulous UI,Good Camera, Touch sensitive, Track pad, One of the greatest design,
      In Galaxy 3: You will not get all the above.

      Never Compromise with Quality. Itโ€™s really Quality Brilliant
      Decision is yours.

  14. tej Reply

    Two things i heard 4rm the users of WILDFIRE is….. streaming videos are not able to play in WILDFIRE and the battery pack up and screen resolution is poor itseemz….

    what do u say about these frnd….?

    R they true or both the phones r equal regarding these????

    • Deepak Jain Reply

      1st- I haven’t come across any such issue.
      2nd- Yes, but we cannot expect more than 20-24 hours battery life in android devices.

  15. sherjil Reply

    i wanna buy a mobile

    and i have my budget rs12000

    which mobile is nice????

    and i am a chat addict……….

    • Ganesh Reply

      Hi Buddy

      I would like to suggest SAMSUNG GALAXY 551 or Nokia C6. If you are chat addict then this will really help you entering text. If you are also looking for good OS platform then go for SAMSUNG 551. If you donโ€™t bother such things then go for NOKIA. These phones come with slider key pad and touch screen too. Just check both handsets in website. If you are quality conscious then your budget may disturb for HTC handset. But i am using HTC wildfire, (Touch Screen only) which was meeting my requirement. Its awesome i can say. You can see some of our friends in this blogs may written about its bad battery backup. I donโ€™t have any issue with best Smartphone with 1.5 day battery back up.
      Ultimately Choice is yours, and also you should wait for Deepakโ€™s comment on this.
      All the best

  16. Abhishek Kumar Reply

    I brought HTC wildfire last month n all i wanna say is DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY FOR SAMSUNG GALAXY…!!!

    The oly 2 drawback for Wildfire from my side is:

    1) It doesnt support live wallpapers.
    2) Live video streaming.

    for me video streaming doesnt matter at all as i dont need it. Rest if u compare with Samsung HTC wildfire is worth the amount you pay.


  17. tej Reply

    I already bought the Galaxy 3….

    if u wanna go 4 this galaxy 3, u can go 4 it for 100%…….

    everything in this mobile is super…. xcept the thing how it looks….. not very bad but it is a bit poor when it is compared to the WILDFIRE……..

    and 1 more camera is poor at nights

    video streaming is very good….. touch is also very nice….

    battery is very good as well……………

    It’s more than is worth…. go 4 it guyz u’ll have fun…..:)

    • Ganesh Reply

      Hi Sumit

      My opinion is. Just wait for few days, HTC is launching couple of new phones. You may find one of it after few hands on experience. Till that time, do some R&D on HTC and Samsung phones. These are fastest moving phone with android.

  18. Satheesh Reply

    Hi Frndz….

    I short listed Samsunga galaxy 551 & HTC wild fire. which one is best to go…i’m looking for gud camera, Document editor (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF),gud battery backup.

  19. pankaj raja Reply

    hello deepak,

    i want to buy galaxy 3 , but i have hobbies of reading books , i want to know can i read pdf files /books in galaxy 3 , also want to know how we can read pdf books on nokia 6233 mobile , thanks in advance

    • Srivatsan Post authorReply

      Go to Android Market. There are tons of Games. Just log in with your Google account and download.

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