How to Share Excel Files to Whatsapp in JPEG Format



Today Whatsapp has made our life so spontaneous that we tend to share almost everything on it. Whether it is a photo, video or even a document for that matter. But have you ever tried to share the excel file as JPEG on Whatsapp?

What’s the Scene?

When we need to share an excel file on Whatsapp we first need to take a screenshot on Windows PC then make an image, edit it properly and then send it to our phone. Which is when we are able to share it. This whole process is too time-consuming if the data is too big or larger in screen size. But with the trick that we are about to explain below shall save a lot of your realtime. Also, we do not need to have any extra software to achieve our goal.

Yes, you can simply share the excel file as a document but what if the receiving end doesn’t have an app to read your file. JPEG is a worldwide acceptable format on any mobile platform today.

Things we require

  1. The web version of Whatsapp
  2. Working internet connection.
  3. Files you need to share

Steps involved

Step 1. Just log on to the web version of Whatsapp by logging on to Here we assume that you know how to access Whatsapp web on your PC.

Whatsapp Web

Step 2. Scan the QR Code as shown on your PC screen.

Step 3. When Whatsapp web starts working, just select the contact you need to share the files with.

Excel File Data

Step 4. Open the concerned excel file and simply copy the content as shown in the picture.

Excel Screenshot on Whatsapp as JPEG

Step 5. Go to the chat head where you like to share the excel file data and on the message bar just hit paste. You will be immediately prompted to send the file as an image to the contact.

Excel as JPEG on Whatsapp

Step 6. As you can see the file was immediately shared to your contact as JPEG. Isn’t it easy and super quick? No software is needed, no editing required. Simply select the matter from your excel sheet and copy it to the contact on Whatsapp Web for immediate sharing.


  1. This process saves a lot of time.
  2. No software is required.
  3. Further editing is not required.
  4. Whatsapp shall automatically convert the copied content from the excel file to JPEG.
  5. You have an excel to JPEG converter handy.
  6. We can share the excel file directly as a document but at times when the receiving hand doesn’t have an app to read excel files then this trick comes super handy.


  1. The only con here is that you need to be connected to the internet. Both on your phone and PC at the same time.
  2. Whatsapp web should be active.

Hope you like this trick. If yes, do share it with your friends and family. If you face any problem or any issue arise, please feel free to comment below and we shall revert.

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