Best Twitter Apps for your Symbian Device

There are several applications available for several uses. Here, in this post we will mention some of the best and most talked about applications available for Tweeting and staying in touch with your twitter friends for your S60 based Symbian device.


It is one of the best app in the Symbian platform with great user interface. It supports both S60 v3, v5 and Symbian ^3 phones.


  • The home page looks amazing with the account name and image thumbnails of recently updated users.
  • Connect or Disconnect option on dashboard (which also shows data usage).
  • Multiple account support.
  • Shows images stored on the mobile in thumbnail format so just share an image easily to MobyPicture, TwitPic, TwitGoo,, Posterous, Yfrog and
  • Search option with multiple tabs and also search of top 10 latest trends on twitter.
  • Also has support to add Facebook, Foursquare and Google Reader accounts.
  • Set the alerts for time line, replies and DMs separately.
  • Set auto update time for time line, replies, DMs, Lists, sent messages and Favorites separately.
  • Option to open URL directly or copy it to clipboard. URL can also be posted to delicious and instapaper.
  • Forward a Tweet in your time line as SMS.
  • Read the replies to tweets in threaded form.
  • Geo tagging support to send your location along with your tweet.
  • Preview the pictures on your time line.
  • Kinetic scrolling on touch screen phones.
  • View the user information and also follow a user from time line.
  • Home screen Widget on Some of the Symbian S60 v5 and Symbian^3 phones.
  • Replies and DMs can be viewed when the phone is in Screen saver mode in Symbian^3 devices.


  • Uses lot of data so those who don’t have unlimited plans be careful.
  • Battery life may get affected on some phone when the application runs on the background for too long.

Even though this app supports other solcial sites like Facebook, Foursquare and Google Reader the features of twitter is simply excellent. It is available for free trial for 10 days and costsRs. 150 after that. It can be downloaded via OVI store or its official site – Mobileways.

Trill for Symbian:

This app is developed by Indian based app company Spice Labs. This app was previously available only for S40phones but now it’s also available for S60 phones and is free of cost. When most of the phone OSes have their official twitter clients Trill is good app that works on most the Nokia phones.


  • Simple and easy to use interface.
  • Reply, Retweet, Fav the tweet just by Clicking it.
  • Visit user profile from a tweet.
  • In-built search option and save the searches.
  • Along with Timeline, Replies and DMs also view friends, current trends and public timeline.


  • Only vibrate alert and No option to set alert sound.
  • Minimum refresh interval is only 15 minutes.
  • No option to share pictures.
  • No option to copy a link to clipboard.

Even though this app has some cons this is good for basic twitter functions and also free of cost. This app can be downloaded from OVI store.

Download Trill – Twitter app.

Twittix for Symbian

This is another good app for s60 phones with a simple easy to use interface.



  • Press and hold to view the pictures posted on time line.
  • Introduce the person you follow to some other user.
  • Multiple user account support.
  • Tabbed view of Time line, replies Messages, Favorites, Everyone on twitter, search and my status.
  • Pictures of the followers and the people you are following in the tabs.
  • Auto connect and disconnect option.
  • Full screen option available.

Can be downloaded from OVI store. It is available for free trial for 10 days and costs 5 Euro or around 300 (INR) after that.


  • Takes lot of time to show time line updates
  • Can view and upload photos only via twitpic.
  • No my tweets tab to keep personal tweets.
  • Procedures are difficult for buying it.

Download Twittix for Symbian


This is similar to other twitter clients in functions which is developed by UK based mobile app company Ravensoft. It is available in both free and Pro Versions.

5800 tweets list


  • Tabbed view for Home, Replies, DMs, Favorites and user updates.
  • Follow or remove a person from in a tweet or mentioned in the tweet.
  • Set refresh time and set tweet tone for tweets and DMs.
  • Read the tweets in a separate notification box when it clicked.
  • Free version is available rather than the trial version like Gravity and Twittix.


  • No kinetic scrolling for Touch screen phones.
  • Uploading pictures and searching option available only in pro version.
  • Sometimes old updates and Messages are not loaded.
  • Do not support multiple twitter accounts.

It is a free app can be downloaded via tweets60 website or pro version can be downloaded from OVI store for 1 Euro.

Mobile Gyaan Verdict:

The choice is based on your needs. If you are a casual user then Tweets60 is enough for you. If you are a frequent user and frequently upload pictures then check out Gravity. If you don’t have budget to go for Gravity check out Trill or tweet60. There are also some communication service apps like Fring and Nimbuzz that supports Twitter, do check them out too. If you don’t want to use any app check dabr which is optimized for mobile browsers.


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