Unlimited calling to any network, any where with Tata Indicom

tata-indicom Sounds quite wired! isn’t it? Even I was surprised and found hard to believe it. But its the fact. I am still speechless and guess even you too must be.. But the TATA’s have really come up with such an amazing plan wherein you’ll get unlimited calling & SMS, doesn’t matter which network you are calling within India. 🙂 This is not all, with this plan you get unlimited data transfer (GPRS) and free roaming incoming. But the only point in this offer is that, it comes bundled with Blackberry phones that is recently introduced by TATA.

Now you must be wondering how much this plan would cost you per month? The answer is ‘Rs. 2500’. And I don’t think its a big buck, as this plan is introduced keeping in mind, the corporate sector and business tycoons. But I personally think, this plan would have been a bang in telecom sector if they would have introduced it without bundling it with Blackberrys..
Even then, this initiative by the TATAs deserves a hands up and a welcome in the Indian telecom revolution.

For now, keep reading this official page, in the near future we would try posting a review on this plan 🙂

I would personally rank 4.5 stars out of 5 stars to this plan called ‘Platinum 2500′. Do let us know how do you feel about it.

Links: Official release.

Thanks Prashanth for the tip :-).


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  2. Harneet Singh Reply

    I’ve using this plan for past 8 months and there’s hardly anything to complain about! This is as good as it gets. I, earlier used to have TITANIUM 3000 plan which offered UNLIMITED Incoming and Outgoing calls EVEN WHILE ROAMING costing Rs 3000 per month. I didn’t travel much so I switched to Platinum 2500.

    Only handful of customers still enjoy this plan because TATA INDICOM now have withdrawn both TITANIUM and PLATINUM plans unlimited calling. Instead they have given few thousands free minutes of talk.

  3. Rana Reply

    Am using the Tata Indicom plan Titanium 3000 plan since it came out on Nov 1st,2008. I am happy with the service as it’s like a STD booth n i can anywhere in India or go settle in any part of India and still pay the same price for the service.
    Yes, this plan is no more offered from Tata now. I consider to be one of the lucky ones to still have the best plans in the Indian Telecom Sector.

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