Use Google DNS Server to Increase BSNL Internet Speed


If you are facing slow internet speeds on your BSNL internet broadband connection, then simply follow our guide to increase the speed. This guide will help you to tweak your IPV4 settings for free. The process is very simple and can be performed easily. 


Please note: If you have some DNS settings configured earlier then make sure to note it down in case this trick doesn’t work for you. 

We recommend you to restart your PC for the below settings to take effect completely. 

Why should you use Google Public DNS server?

  1. It helps you to speed up your browsing experience on your device.
  2. You will be offered improved security with this DNS server.
  3. You will get expected results as there is no redirection involved at all.

Will Google Public DNS work with BSNL?

Yes, the Google DNS server will work with BSNL. You should access to change network settings.

Will Google Public DNS work on any internet enabled device?

Yes, it will work on all the standard-compliant network devices.

Is Google Public DNS chargeable by any means?

No, the DNS server is free to use.

Will Google track my data or user statistics?

No, they will not.

Is it safe to use Google Public DNS?

It is absolutely free to use.

How to Use Google Public DNS server on your PC or Laptop?

Step 1. Go to your network settings on the Taskbar.

Network Settings

Step 2. Scroll down and click on “Network & Sharing Center“.

Network & Sharing Center

Step 3. Now go to “Change Adaptor Settings“.

Change Adaptor Settings

Step 4. Under network connections select your adaptor and right click to choose properties. We are on WIFI hence shall be using the same. If you are on LAN select that, rest remains the same.

Network Connections

Step 5. Inside properties, double-click on IPV4.

IPV4 settings

Step 6. In the General tab, enter Primary DNS Server as and Alternate DNS Server as Refer picture below. Leave the rest as it is and click OK.

IPV4 settings

Step 7. (Optional) Though it’s optional we recommend you to restart your PC for the changes to take place. Once rebooted you shall notice an increase of speed up to 25 %.

Hope all the above steps are clear. If you face any problem with the above steps, please feel free to comment below and we shall get back asap.

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