Airtel 3G Live in Karnataka remaining 13 Circles by March

After lot of delay, Airtel Launched its 3G services airtel 3g tariffin Karnataka. 3G service will go live in other 13 circles by March where Airtel purchased 3G spectrum licenses which covers 40 cities. Airtel purchased 3G license for 13 circles out of 22 circles for Rs 12,295 crores. Services like live video streaming, movies on demand, songs download and live TV broadcast were launched.

The plans are categorized for Heavy users , Medium users and Occasional users.

Airtel 3G Tariff:

Data Price (Rs) Validity
2 GB 750 30 Days
600 MB 450 30 Days
250 MB 200 30 Days
100 MB 103 30 Days

There is a Flexi Shield plan where usage limit it 1.25GB for Rs 650 for 30 Days. After that limit to continue using 3G Rs10/MB charged up to Rs 2000 (14GB) so that users need not pay more than that. After that speed reduces to 128kbps free. Other small packs for Rs 60 and Rs 45 for validity of 3 Days and Rs 9 for validity 1 day. There are also minute based packs for 45 minutes. There are no unlimited plans announced. Here are the details of other plans available:


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Mr. Sanjay Kapoor – CEO of Bharti airtel Ltd (India & South Asia) said

It is indeed the start of a new era when 3G services in India roll out on airtel’s network. World over ‘Data traffic’ on the back of high-speed internet and use of social networking has already exceeded the ‘Voice traffic’. India is ushering in the domain – though later than most of the world – but no doubt we will catch up at a much faster speed. 3G is much more than a technology migration – it is a transformational shift – and Airtel’s focus would be to bring to its customers an enriched user experience on the back of a world-class delivery network. I welcome all 745 million mobile customers of the country to be a part of this journey with airtel!


  1. kayc Reply

    Looks like Airtel assumes subscribers will be attracted by it’s ad campaigns to pay a lot higher
    for 3g services than competitors are offering.

    The data charges are on average 1.5 times BSNL. Video calling is 3-4 times BSNL’s.

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  3. Srikanth Reply

    i use a android phone ( brand new) and 3g is not working, problem with airtel I tried all the settings… airtel down down

    • knight Reply

      Yup mee too – have latest Android phone. Cannot detect airtel 3G signal. Very funny and frustrating at the same time. Received sms informing 3G activated on my mobile. Then Mobile office was deactivated simulataneously and now stuck with nothing.
      Have travelled Japan, Korea, Hongkong, Taiwan, Spain etcc with same phone and was able to detect & use 3G networks at respective countries.
      Airtel 3G is not detecting………logged complaint today and received response from airtel that many others also facing same problem and my complaint will be resolved in 4 days…….can u believe it!!

      WAKE UP!!!!

      • Subharnab Majumdar Reply

        I use Samsung Galaxy S, which is being called the iphone 4 killer in th US. It has HSDPA 7.6 and HSUPA 5.76 which means it can support the optimum 3G speeds. I registered as of 31st Jan, and still nothing …. the Edge connection I used to have is still on, but they sent some settings and now I cant browse with the installed browsers. The other apps work at 3G speeds. Airtel should have tested more before bringing out the 3G.

        This has to get better soon, else they would be in trouble.

        • Deepak Jain Reply

          As 3G has been recently launched by Airtel, there are many complaints I’ve personally come through, too!
          Hopefully, with time, the services will improve.

  4. Sindhu Reply

    Experiencing a lot of issues with airtel 3G on my Samsung galaxy!! . Video calling does not work!!!! and download rates are of average speed (not predictable) and airtel customer service is horrible , the so calls representatives have no clue as to what is going on , and large chunks of balance is being deducted from my account .If the CEO is reading this , do something about it , or all airtel 3G users will soon switch to BSNL!!!

  5. prem Reply

    Can u any one tell me the APN settings for Airel 3g on Android 2.2 froyo !!!!

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