How to Enable Floating Mode in G Board or Google Keyboard


Google Play is full of third-party Android apps. We earlier have made a list of such keyboard apps which you can check for your reference. In this particular post, we shall update you on how to enable floating mode in Google keyboard or G Board. Using this method you will be able to use a floating mode in Gboard over any application.

Gboard is Google’s popular first-party software keyboard which offers various customization options. The keyboard also features swipe gesture for typing, GIF search, voice typing, emojis and various theme to personalize the keyboard as per your needs.


The floating keyboard makes it easy for people to type on their huge bezels smartphones. Also, people with small fingers can easily make the keyboard reach where they actually need it to be. Exactly as the name suggests, it undocks the keyboard from its original place and lets you move it around freely, putting it exactly where your fingers want to be. For these features to work and found your Google keyboard app needs to be on version 7.6 or later.

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So let us see how can you make your Google Keyboard float over any application of your choice. To explain the procedure more easily we shall take the app “Google Keep” into account.

Enable Floating Mode in Google Keyboard

  • Firstly open your choice of an app where you need to get the floating keyboard. In our case, we shall be taking Google Keep.
  • Once the app is opened, click anywhere on the app to invoke the keyboard.
  • Now click on (three horizontal dots) exactly near the mic or as shown in the picture below.


  • Now on the resultant window simply click and enable the “Floating Toggle“.


  • You have successfully enabled the Floating Mode on Google keyboard.


  • To return the keyboard to its docked position, just reverse the instructions and tap the floating keyboard icon again.

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