How to Factory Reset your Android Smartphone


Is your Android smartphone giving you a tough time? Is the phone acting really weird? Then you have come to the right place. In this tutorial, we shall let you know how to Factory Reset your smartphone running Android. Kindly follow the steps accordingly. We are taking stock android (OnePlus 3) in this tutorial but the settings may differ as per your smartphone brand.

Before you attempt to do this, make sure you charge your phone up to 80 percent and backup entire data on your phone.

Factory Reset The Easiest Way

On your stock Android smartphone, go to your settings page.

In the settings panel, scroll down to find “Backup and Reset“.

Backup and Reset

On the Backup and Reset Page, scroll down to find “Factory Data Reset“.

factory-reset-android-smartphone (2)
Factory Data Reset

In the next page, you can either choose to leave the data on your internal memory or choose not to. We recommend you to do that only in case you have done a complete backup of your existing phone data.

Reset Phone

Upon hitting Reset, your phone shall reboot and would go into the recovery for Factory Data Reset. At this stage be near your phone as it’s going to take hardly 10 to 15 mins to set up the device. And the phone might reboot a number of times.

Slightly Harder Way (We did this on our OnePlus Device) 

Switch off your phone completely.

Press and Hold the volume down button and the Power button at the same time.

Next, Choose your Language.

Now Choose “Wipe data and cache” and select Erase Everything. You can optionally also Wipe cache.

Once done, exit and reboot.

The second option is slightly complicated hence do not attempt if you don’t have any idea about it. Factory reset mostly clears the system completely but we have seen instances where our phone had leftovers in WhatsApp.

Once again please do backup your data before doing a factory reset as the action cannot be rolled back.

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