HTC Wildfire to soon get Android 2.2 Froyo update

HTC Wildfire, a mid-range smart phone having Android 2.1 OS, will soon be receiving the Android 2.2 Froyo update as T-mobile and HTC has already started rolling the update to its in European customers. HTC had 3 major Android phones running the 2.1 version being the Desire, Legend and the Wildfire. The HTC first updated the Desire with Froyo and quite recently updated its Legend Smart phone. Even though Wildfire will currently be updated only in Europe, HTC promises to update it in all countries of the world by February 2011.


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Improvements in Froyo Update for HTC Wildfire:

  • Wi-fi hotspots
  • Improved performance
  • Minor other updates and tweaks for cameras

Though unfortunately, as per rumors, due to hardware limitations, the upgrade will not be supporting Flash-lite and live wallpapers.

The following is a press release from the company via Facebook:

We know many of you have been asking for information about an update for your Wildfire. Well, we have good news! Android 2.2 (aka Froyo) on Wildfire is scheduled to begin rolling out this week in Europe, reaching all areas of the world by February. Thanks for your patience as these updates roll out; we think you’ll enjoy the final product.
If you have any other questions please feel free to ask here. We will share as much information as we can. Thanks for your patience and for being a HTC customer!

So lets hope, for the sake of all of Wildfire’s fans and users, that the 2.2 Android update will be available in India by February.


  1. devesh Reply

    I have HTC wildfire and I got my cell phone updated with android 2.2 firmware today morning. Cheers

  2. UrbanWomble Reply

    Currently downloading the 2.2 update now!!!
    22 December 11.41am GMT.

    At last 🙂

  3. rohit Reply

    Hey devesh…. HOw did u do it? will u please tell how u have updated your mobile? i too have a wildfire…. thanks in advance…

    • Deepak Jain Reply

      I guess customers need not do anything to get the update. The update will be OTA (over the air) and where ever its available for your handset, you will probably be getting a notification saying Android version 2.2xx update is available for your handset. 🙂

      Just be patient and it should be avaialbe for you too. Do let us know when you get your h/s upgraded to Froyo.

  4. saurabh pareek Reply

    if its an official OTA update, why isn’t it showing up on my wildfire, grrrrr . Even a manual check for updates didn’t show anything…

    • Deepak Jain Reply

      Manual check is only meant to be used if you accidentally happen to ignore the update notification from the notification pull-down.
      Unlike computer softwares, the manual update checker in Android won’t help you pull any update from the server!

  5. Philbat Reply

    Hi guys – I am no expert but this is how it worked for me – I have an O2 HTC Wildfire.

    You will get an OTA (over the air) message on you handset as and when it is rolled out across networks and countries (Europes getting it now – rest of the world by Feb 2011)

    However, as the message on your handset advises – downloading and updating OTA will run up network costs – so if you can connect to Wi Fi this is the preferred method. The on screen message actually advises this (sorry to contradict Deepak).

    So, first make sure your phone is well charged and if you are going to update over your network – make sure you have plenty of call credit!!

    I did this manually with wi fi,

    first as above – charge phone battery or plug it in.

    now Go to menu – settings – wireless & networks and connect to your Wi – Fi.

    Now back out of the wireless network menu – and scroll right to the bottom of the settings menu list and select the Green “About phone” icon.

    Now select the top entry “System Software updates” and press “Check now” at the bottom of the screen.

    If the update is available for you you will be given the option to download it. This I did.

    On my Wildfire – the update did not automatically install. It downloaded the update to the memory card.

    When your Wi Fi modem lights stop flashing and it has finished downloading, GO BACK INTO the system software updates screen (where you started the download) – and it will now say something along the lines of “Android 2.2.1 update available – do you wish to install”

    Select yes – and it will start to install the downloaded update.

    It took mine a good 5 minutes – and then the phone will reboot itself – DO NOT BE TEMPTED TO TURN OFF THE PHONE or mess with it until it tells you that it has installed and is finshed. When it has finished you will get an OK button to select – and after that – it commences “loading” and you get a countdown screen ( 10% 20% etc etc ) until its ready.

    Finally it is finished. Very simple process and about 10 to 15 minutes in all.

    As I said I am no expert _ but I hope this helps

  6. rouen Reply

    When the 2.2 froyo update on wildfire will reach in the Philippine?thank you, merry christmas!

    • Deepak Jain Reply

      It should hit your mobile anytime with the coming weeks. As you can see the comments here, many others have already got it.

  7. saurabh pareek Reply

    @ devesh nd others having wildfire : I Ve heard dat froyo ain’t very smooth on the wildfire, and it also increases the sluggishness and battery drain.. since, once updated der is no reverting back to 2.1, before updating, I would like to know from u guys if u r happy with the update… also, pls update Ur Google maps to 5.0 n lemme know if the new vector tiles are working for u or not. for me they arn’t :c

    • Deepak Jain Reply

      Though I’ve never come across any such problem with the Froyo update for Wildfire, that could be possibly because of the low processors and hardware limitations of Wildfire.

  8. anuj Reply

    Hi friends today htc launches android frayo 2.2.1 for htc wildfire to india.I updated my wildfire with it.Thanx to htc for such a great x-mas gift.

  9. saurabh pareek Reply

    finally got the update on my wildfire. did a manual check as the OTA notification didn’t show up….

  10. Abdulsamad Reply

    u need currant firmware like ( 1.25.720.1) this is india i dont know for your & after go chake updates & uhave 1.14.720.2 u need first go this web site download 1.25.720.1 update & after froyo update

  11. RRG Reply

    @Deepak Till now only phones with software version 1.15.* are able to get the updates.Some phones in india have software version 1.14.* ,they do not show that the updates are available.U can manually update to 1.15.* using this file <>(Just paste the link in ur browser and download the file) but i dont know wat to do after that,or u can wait.Also check the FROYO on wildfire discussion on Facebook

    • Deepak Jain Reply

      Thanks for clarifying. If I get a chance, I’ll personally try out manually upgradation procedure and post it on this blog if successful.

  12. Nagaraj Reply

    Hi Guys

    Am using HTC wild fire most of my friends got an OTA (over the air) message on you handset for android 2.2 but till now i havn’t got any message or notification on my handset even i tried in setting about phone, system software updates but no use…. i got the popup as THERE IS NO UPDATES AVAILABLE FOR YOUR PHONE. i will be using the both GPRS and WIFI i tried several times but no use can any one tell me is ther any other way to update my handset to 2.2 version….

    • Deepak Jain Reply

      I can understand your feeling. There’s a work around to try to get the update manually. I’ll soon post about it, do keep your eye on our up-coming blog posts.

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  14. Almas Khan Reply

    hey, i have a rooted htc wildfire and i havent got the update. Is rooting the reason for me not getting the update?? Help!!!

  15. Renganathan K Reply

    Hi I have a wildfire, i am trying yo upgrade OTA but still no updates here @ TVM,Kerala… 🙁 🙁 🙁

  16. Renganathan K Reply

    @ Deepak .. THanks i have contacted HTC Via mail lets hope i will get froyo soon…

  17. Fadil Reply

    Hi. I have htc wildfire A3333, and I have software 2.2.1 and I dot now that this software I can update or no and I dont no that 2.2.1 its same with this Froyo or not. Thanks , Kosova

    • Deepak Jain Reply

      If you already have software 2.2.1, it means you have the latest version of Android (available for Wildfire) on your h/s.

  18. Shashank Pangam Reply

    Hi guys.. i am planning to buy HTC Wildfire in a day or two, can u please guide me..??
    Can i manually update the android os by downloading the file.. then running it on the phone…??
    plus i just needed ur reviews over the phone..!! i have heard that it has a bad screen resolution.. is it true..?? does it make any difference to the performance..??

      • Ahmad Reply

        i tried but still (there no updates available for your phone).
        and i cant Sync by (HTC Sync 3.0.5511) and the HTC Sync cant see my phone,i tried 3 PCs (Windows 7 and XP) and tried HTC Sync old version and the same problem the HTC Sync cant see my phone.
        thanks for ur advice.

          • Sambit

            Hello Brother i Want to Purchase it. but i have some question

            1. Android 2.1 better or 2.2 is better
            2. its works pinch to zoom or not
            3. How may android application are installed in this cell
            4. Processing speed
            5. Resolution

            Kindly reply my questions

          • Deepak Jain

            Hi Sambit:
            1- 2.2 (it has many good features as compared to 2.1)
            2- Yes
            3- There’s no limitation. But you phone will keep getting slow if you install too many apps.
            4- Good
            5- 240×320

            You can check our Wildifre review.


    hey man !!!!!!!!! i finally bought LG OPTIMUS ONE .ITS WORKING GUD.


    • Deepak Jain Reply

      Congrats Dinesh! 🙂
      Some good apps are:
      -Facebook for android
      -Handcent SMS (for better sms UI)
      -Tweetdeck (if you tweet)

      Anti-virus is not a must have! 🙂

  20. Pavan Reply

    Dear All,

    Can any one Tell the HTC WILD FIRE can be updated to the 2.2 or greater than version 2.1

  21. Sambit Reply

    Thanks Deepak Brother for your reply & co – operation. After that i am 100 % ready to purchase the HTC Wildfire

    thanks many many thanks


  22. Ahmad Reply

    Hello Deepak Jain;
    i update my wildfire to 2.2
    and the problem i can’t root my phone, i have to downgrade to 2.1
    did u know how can i downgrade from 2.2 to 2.1 to root my phone ???

  23. Ahmad Reply

    Hi Deepak,
    there is update 2.3 (Gingerbread) for HTC Wildfire from HTC ??

  24. ashwin Reply

    thanks for step by step process for my wildfire update………….

  25. Ahmad Reply

    Hi Deepak,
    there is update 2.3 (Gingerbread) for HTC Wildfire from HTC ??

  26. pankaj bhaban Reply

    I got 2.2.1 already installed on wildfire purchased on10th may 2011.

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