Micromax A110 Canvas 2 Starts Selling in India! Here’s the Complete Specifications

micromax a110 canvas2 image

Few weeks earlier, Micromax India officially announced to launch the sequel of its 5″ phone Micromax A100 Canvas named as A110 canvas 2 with better specifications and features as compared to its previous counterpart. Though the phone was just available for pre-booking until recently, it has now hit the stores and is also available across various online stores including Saholic (both Black & White colors) & SnapDeal (Black only) among others.

micromax a110 canvas 2

Since, as seen on the screenshot below, Micromax has not listed the complete specifications of the phone on its official website leading to chaos and confusion among interested purchasers, we are hereby doing so!

micromax a110 canvas 2 specifications

Specifications of Micromax A110 Canvas 2:

  • Dual SIM supported Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS based smartphone
  • Dimensions (in MM) – 147 x 76.5 x 9.7
  • 5″ full touch, IPS LCD, Capacitive touch, 196 PPI, screen
  • 8 MP rear camera with dual LED flash and 0.3 MP front facing camera
  • Dual Core 1GHz processor
  • 512 MB RAM (undisclosed on official website)
  • 2 GB internal storage (undisclosed on official site)
  • Internal storage upgradable upto 32GB via micro SD card
  • Connectivity options – 2G, 3G, Wifi, Bluetooth, Micro USB, GPS
  • 2000 mAh battery
  • Priced at Rs. 9999/- during launch (You may want to check MySmartPrice for updated and best price of Micromax A110)

Compared to previous Micromax A100, A110 has several upgraded and better features. To name a few are slimmer body, better screen, better camera, LED flash support.

Our verdict:

Micromax A110 is surely worth the buy but only if you have low budget and looking for bigger screen phone to work comfortably. The output from its 2000 mAh battery could be little disappointing too considering its a 5″ phone. But what more would you expect from a 5″ phone costing <10K INR? If that still doesn’t convince you, you may check out Samsung Galaxy S Duos Price and its features, screen size and other aspects.

A note for Micromax:

If someone from Micromax is reading this post, I humbly request you to make sure that the site has complete specifications listed. Even for several previous products I have had problem figuring out details of your phones and came across several forum posts about the same issue. (P.S. – I hope the missing data are not concealed purposely).

(Thanks Vrinda for pointing us about the mirrored image)


  1. Sahil Reply

    This is really good phone, I am experiencing good quality since i had bought (MMX A100), Its totally value for money phone…Thanks

  2. varunkumar Reply

    i don’t know why this phone manufacturers are concentrating only mid-range phones. i think its time to think big, why cant you afford a phone like galaxy note and galaxy s2 with huge specifications at lower costs

  3. Anesh Reply

    Hi Deepak,

    I will get the black colour Canvas A110 in my hand tomorrow. Once I get the same, I will update you with the details.

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      Thnaks Anesh! If you want and you can, please write a review about the phone on the blog. Proper credits will be given! πŸ™‚

    • Ravi Reply

      If u check iball andi 5c so compair n tell which is fast processor pls reply mmx 110 is haunged or not?and hows its internal memory for install apps plz reply

  4. Rahul Reply

    Can u people tell me wat will be the amount of free ram available on a 110
    Read that even after having dual core processor karbonn a21 is not better than its a18 coz of low ram.

  5. Kit Reply

    1.is it upgradable to the latest android jelly bean…?
    2.is there any app or something to increase its battery performance…?

  6. Anesh Reply

    Hello Deepak,

    I got the Micromax A 110 on my hand today. I should write a review at here as a comment or post in a separate page? Kindly let me know that.

    Before that I can give one clarifications based on above comment, that It can be upgradable to Jellybean.

  7. Anesh Reply

    Hi Deepak,

    I am having this Canvas A110 black piece in my hand. I can compare this with iball Andi 5c, another 5″ android smart phone which is on the same range.

    Micromax A110 is slightly resembles to Samsung Galaxy S3 on its design. But the display and the back cover plastic quality will make us disappoint a little. The shape of MMX A110 is cute and looking like a phone but the iball andi5c resembles to tablet pc. The width of iball is more than the MMX A110. both the phones having grip in the back cover. The logo of iball andi 5c is challenged the micromax. iball makes it’s logo in steel printing with class standard where MMX A110 is just embedded in plastic. and in the side stainless steel covering also i ball is on the higher side.

    Firstly A110 having a 1GHz Dual core processor where iball Andi 5c and MMX A100 having single core processor. More core means more smooth in performance. This will be visible only in gaming or high end applications.

    MMX A110 having an 8 MP camera with auto focus which can give us good quality pictures. iball Andi 5c having 5MP but performance is so pathetic. One negative point of MMX A110’s camera is its projection. Camera is projecting too much and it make us feel that the phone is thick. actually the thickness of the MMX 110 is only 9.7mm where iball andi 5c is 11.2mm

    The main advantage of MMX A110 is, it’s software can be upgradable, where iball Andi 5c doesn’t have that facility. But iball andi 5c having reboot recovery facility where MMX A110 doesn’t have the same.MMX A110 having ICS 4.0.4 version, where iball andi5c and A100 having 4.0.3. But nothing more with the previous.

    Both MMX A110 and iball andi 5c having IPS display which enable us to view clearly in any direction, But I think MMX A110 is having good display resolution than iball andi 5c.

    While we press the power button to off, iball is having an additional option like restart where system will automatically reboot incase any malfunctions occurred. But MMX A110 is having only power off option left.

    MMX A110 is light in weight where iball andi 5c is too heavy like we can use instead of dumbell for arm exercise. It may be because of the iball’s battery which is 2500 mAh where MMX A110 is only 2000 mAh. The battery back of iball is excellent. You can keep the phone in idle for 3 days without charging and if continuous use with the internet you will get a minimum of 8-12 hours. So far I could not able to check the battery back up of MMX A110.

    Both MMX A110 and iball andi 5c having WiFi hotspot facility which can allow us to share the internet with Laptops or Tablets.

    iball andi5c having Face detection unlock facility, which is using in Samsung Note. But MMX A110 is having only pattern, password unlocking features only.

    Pre installed application in both handsets where excellent. both were installed facebook and other utility applications and additionally MMX A110 having a Micromax store icon.

    Friends, I didn’t use the MMX A110 in full swing because I got it only around 5pm today. I just plugged it for initial charging and tomorrow I can give you detailed review about the performance and other features after using the same.

    I don’t know what else you need to know about both phones. So if you can ask me I can answer accordingly.


    • ANAND Reply


      1 .Given that the RAM is only 512, is the speed of data download good?

      2. How to alternate between sims. Can we assign one sim for data and the other for calls?



      • Anesh Reply

        Hai Anand,

        1. Data download speed is good. It doesn’t depend on the RAM Size.
        2. It is a dual SIM dual standby phone. So no need to toggle between SIM’s. We can assign one SIM for call and other for data.

  8. buntydhailwal Reply

    Micromax A110 : battery backup is not so good, camera quality is average, launcher stuck in some operations like multitasking & processor does not give its performance at its core level.

  9. anas Reply

    i jus wanna know that which one is better i\among these 3?
    i ball andi,micromax a110 or karbonn a18…plzz temme asap..which one among these three is the best??plzz answer asap…specially anesh..lemme know!!
    thank you!

  10. anas Reply

    i jus wanna know that which one is better i\among these 3?
    i ball andi,micromax a110 or karbonn a18…plzz temme asap..which one among these three is the best??plzz answer asap…specially anesh..lemme know!!
    thank you!!!!!!!!!

    • Anesh Reply


      I dont know about Karbonn A 18.

      Battery back up is good in i ball andi 5c. So you can have long hours in internet.
      MMX A110 is dual core. so smooth and speedy operations
      Camera iball andi 5c is 5MP and MMX A110 is 8MP.
      weight iball andi 5c is heavy compared to MMX A110. MMX A110 is thin in size too (9.7mm).
      iball andi 5c is resembles to samsung galaxy note in structure.
      Both phones are IPS display.
      Both are ICS os.
      Both are dual SIM dual standby.
      iball andi 5c is Rs.12,999(i think it is not available now)
      MMX A110 is Rs.9999

      So better you decide Anas.

      • anas Reply

        n anesh if v chose between micromax a110 n micromax a90s or a90i…can yu suggest me for it..please!!!

        • Anesh Reply

          Anas, it is up to you.
          MMX A110 is a ICS 5″ phone. A90 is 4.3″ AMOLED display phone. Both have its on merits and demerits. on price wise A90 is on a little bit higher side.

          If it is me, I would definitely go for MMX A110.

  11. Mukesh Gautam Reply

    No Doubt this product is good, if compare the price wise, but it is very bad after sale service (means third class service Micromax provide, once any product of Micromax having some problem you face, The only way have to through into dust bin, like other other Chinese product use n through).

  12. Ravish Reply

    hi all..

    i was eagerly waiting for A110.. there are two things i wana know frm the users:

    1. hows the quality of the product & services of micromax, considering a100 & a90 into picture, past mmx customers can give an idea.

    2. hows the performance of fone.. i am nt a heavy user.. wud be running music, net/browser, wassup, apps.. at one go.. so how would the phone perform in basic usability of 5-6 applications?

    3. hows the view-ability of IPS screen under direct sunlight?

    4. hows the performance of camera?

    thanks a lot guys πŸ™‚


  13. narendra Reply

    Dear Anesh plz reply
    1. does mmx a 110 supports fingure touch like samsung or pan touch like nokia. what is its actual touch quality.
    2. i saw on some websites that its camera is not so good as a 8 mp camera .
    3. what is ram of it & what is loss of low ram
    4. any other disadvantages of it like become hang ,not support applications please tell me
    5. which phone should i buy between mmx a 110 & samsung galaxy ace duos

    • Anesh Reply

      Hi Narendra,

      1. it is a two point touch phone.
      2.Camera is 8MP and giving average performance. (Having HD recording is the advantage).
      3. RAM is 512 MB. Low RAM means the performance of the phone will be down when you you open more applications. also you cannot store more on the phone.
      4.Not yet faced any problems of hanging.
      5. it is up to you Narendra. Both has its own merits and demerits.

  14. daastan Reply

    guys ma micromax a110 uses internal memory as SD data n wen I move d SD data to SD card d game doesn’t opens…
    wat to do…

  15. Deepak Reply

    Hi anyone know how to restore A110 to factory settings,Is there any way to do it without taking it to service center?

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      Yes, Deepak you can do it.

      Just go to settings->security settings->factory reset. I do not remember the exact path, but it should be somewhere as I mentioned.

      • deepak jha Reply

        hi deepak;solution suggested by u will work only when u r able to access the phone setting.but in my case my phone got permanantly locked because of too many wrong pattern use for unlock.

  16. Anay Kamat Reply

    I’m thinking of buying a good budget phone……..as I’ve got a budget of close to Rs.10000………………do you think Micromax A110 Canvas 2 a good buy?

  17. Ashish Reply

    I bought a Micromax A110 and I forgot my pattern…. please help how I can unlock the same…

  18. Vikram jyani Reply

    Can you plz tell me which one to buy

    Sony xperia Tipo or Micromax A110 Canvas 2

    i preference is music and games….

    my budget is less or more 10K….

    • Anay Kamat Reply

      If u look at specs canvas has better hardware than tipo………so I would buy Canvas but if u r shy to flaunt ur phone with ur friends than go for tipo as it’s under sony xperia badge which will show the people that u’ve a xperia phone…………I said this because people think Micromax is cheap company that’s why………..
      Also since canvas has dual core 1ghz processor gaming will b much better on it……….

  19. chandan Reply

    i want to know about the camera quality of mac 110 canvas 2…..
    please let me know that if it is of the level of 8 mp or not ????
    and wat about the sensitiveness of its touch screen…????

    • Anesh Reply

      Hello Chandan,

      Camera in MMX A110 is 8MP and it is on average performance. The advantage is, it is having HD recording facility and auto focus on single touch.

      Touch screen sensitivity is far good compared to iball and MMX A100.

  20. Ravi Verma Reply

    Hi Anesh !

    I’m planning to buy this phone.Can you tell me which phone screen guard & back cover will fit on this ?
    Also which class of micro sd card we can use with this phone ?

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      Ravi, you can find some accessories for the phone here on ebay.

      Regarding SD card compatibility, I think you can use any micro SD card. Its just that, higher the class is, higher would be the performance and speed of the card, IMHO.

  21. Narendra singh Reply

    dear Anesh & all other using micromax a 110
    there are some problems in micromax a 87 ninja 4 as it does not support downloading any content or not taking a photo without inserting the memory card , does this problem is in micromax a 110 or not?
    a 87 takes some time in starting some tasks , what is about a 110 in this matter? does a 110 support skype video calling.
    & at last
    from which website i should order this phone so that there will i can believe & in less cost or does online purchase is risky regarding the originalness of phone?

    please reply

  22. Pradip Reply

    i purchased micromax a110 yesterday. nut the camera quality is really very bad. a110 is having 8mp camera with flash but i dont know why the camera quality is so bad. when i take pictures it shows blue shades around the person. is the problem with my phone or all phones are having the same camera picture quality.

  23. Sandeep Reply

    Hello Friends….
    I am planning for buying Micromax A110… Plz Suggest me Whether it is Good Deal or not…
    Tell me About its Battery Backup.. Camera Quality.. Internet Speed…..
    My Cell No. is 9419158458

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      Sandeep, you can read the post for our take about the phone and also check out the above comments by users who are already using the phone.

  24. Manish Patel Reply

    Hello Deepak Jain,
    I have Micromax A110 Canvas 2 phone. My phone got permanently locked due to too many pattern attempts! I have try to login my Gmail account also but it’s indicates “Invalid username or password”. I am sure my username and password is correct. What should I do?

  25. Ajeet Kumar Singh Reply

    I am eagrly waiting this phone for delivery . I placed online order on 13 Nov and will have in hand til wednesday 21 nov. Today confirmed that 8 Days delivery time from online . so u need to go and buy it from local market not to depend on online time taking process. If you have enough time to wait then you need to prefer online otherwise local market is the best , Cost in online and local market are same most of time , do not be confused as i did two days past . Hope to see the best interface so far from the micromax,

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      Mr. Ajeet, thanks for the suggestions to co-readers. But I would say that your statement is partially correct. Delivery time depends from location to location.

      For ex. parcels to metros and tier I cities are delivered almost in less than 42 hours from the time of purchasing.

    • Ajeet Kumar Singh Reply

      Bitter experiance for online purchaisng , myvirtualplaza did not deliver so far and its customer number was not picked up . I called them 9 times today and the 10th attempt was taken up and final sugestion was for the cancel the order and refund procedure , They promise for 48 hours refund hope to see that , If I get till saturday 24 Nov 12 then ok or pain full exercise unnecessarly to choose online . In india it is difficult to predict it for promptness , every body be cautions for online purchase, will update once the refund gets properly or suggest me what would be the next option to get our mony bank.

      Regards Ajeet

    • Ajeet Kumar Singh Reply

      Friends , I get it 3 days before from virtual plaza after 15 days of online booking .A110 micromax is amazing phone , this phone is better than Nokia N8/ Samsung dous , HTC and even Blackbarry. Thanks to Micromax including lava , karbon and many more companies to brought such a super phone in afforadbale price, otherwise so called branded companies will take out your money easily on the name of branded tag. Every thing is good MMX A110, big screen size, photo capturing , internet , 3g and HD video screening , interface is easy and operative so purchase it. If you want to spend 35k or even more 50 k on phone then u need to go samsung or apple , choice and money is yours,
      thanks – ajeet

  26. levin Reply

    Hi all,
    Im planning to buy an A110 …..good to read the positive comments…..
    but i read on some post that while charging the touch screen goes awry and it does not work properly…..and the camera quality is not upto mark, as one of my main reasons to buy it is the 8MP tag………is it true??
    i wanted to know
    1. if the sound quality of the phone is good??
    2. can we configure microsoft Outlook on it??
    3. can we use skype??
    4. how to upgrade to Jelly bean???

    • Manidip Bandyopadhyay Reply

      I am using Micromax A110 for a while. Thr touch screen responses even when it’s charging. Sound quality is good in headset, you can set equalizers, 3D sound mode etc. Yes, you can configure Outlook in it. You can use Skype but a native video chat client is there. Not necessary to use Skype. No information on it’s JellyBean upgrade so far.

      • levin Reply

        Mandip thanks a lot………could you also say something about the camera quality??? i saw a few photos clicked from A110 but in low light the quality is bad……. isn’t there a night mode option or something else for compensation?

        • Manidip Bandyopadhyay Reply

          Camera quality is not brilliant but a good one to be honest. Low light capturing is not too impressive. You can set night mode. Dual LED flash is there too. But it’s not the power one out there in market. The handset is a good one when you have a tight budget of around 10k.

  27. Ajeet Kumar Singh Reply

    I purchased it from myvirtualplaza.com and finnaly it is in my hand after 15 days of order submission. When i moved in the market / office or other places with this phone everyone was surpised to see the phone A110 micromax look and further performance like screen size, dual core speed , and many more. everything is extremily fine in 10K budget , do not compare with Samsung Galaxy s3 or Notebook 2, huge budget Rs 35k fones. it is extremily good , I am quite satisfied with micromax for such afforadable price for enjoying specification like samsung / apple in just 10k. My recomdation to buy it immeditely. I used NOKIA/ SAMSUNG / MOTOROLA and LG since last 9 years and finaly opted to Micromax . Friends this is amazing fone.

  28. Ajeet Kumar Singh Reply

    A110 micromax is good phone indeed, it score 8 out of 10 marks , operating this phone last 10 days and its conculsion that good phone which one remondation to micromax about its battery consupmtion 5 hours battery back on internet only

  29. Rony Reply

    to choose between Xperia J & MMX A110 !
    which one shud i go for??

    rply asap πŸ™‚

  30. Subham Ghosh Reply

    i have few dout about this phone…… plz solve…..
    0)the phones gets hanged or not…….or auto restart or troubleshoot problem
    1)will phone can be cnnctd to pc suite for doing net on pc
    2)is phone supports videocalling by itz frnt camera
    3)max. 3G speed
    4)iz it support 720p video recording and play 720p / 1080p play back video
    5)iz the phone responding well meant to say the durable of the phone

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      0- Should NOT with normal usage.
      1- You can tether for wireless access of your phone’s Internet on laptop
      2- You can
      3/4- check specs
      5- Been awarded phone of the year (budget) by popular blogs and tv shows

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