How to Find Cheapest Price of a Mobile Phone

People who are in the market for a new phone do a lot of research before purchasing a particular model by considering its various pros and cons. However the most dependent factor which helps us make our decision is the factor of it being wallet friendly. Almost everybody (with a few exception) makes their final decision on the basis of cost of the phone. is a website to the rescue of such people that  helps to find the lowest price of any mobile handset. As you can see in the image below, once you put your desired handset on the search bar, it lists down the price of the particular handset across several Indian online stores giving you an idea about the best price of a phone available online.


You can avail the Price lists on phones by different classifications such as :

  • By Price range
  • Feature wise such as Android phones, touch screen phones, dual-SIM phones
  • Brand wise such as Nokia, Samsung, etc

Once you select any of the above classification, a list of all possible phones appear in descending price order i.e. most expensive on top.

Additionally, the webpage provides other necessary details such as delivery period with the respective seller, shipping cost and other relevant information.

In the future if you ever wish to know price of any handset, then look no where else and check them out at MySmartPrice.

Link: MySmartPrice


  1. Arun Reply

    Though this article talks about various ways to find the cheapest price of a mobile, it misses a very important option. Buy the mobile on ebay who usually has a deals for mobiles with a gift voucher. I used to get their gift vouchers that vary from 5% to 20% discount (upto 500/1000) which will give further discounts. For eg., I’ve purchased Samsung Galaxy 3 on ebay couple of weeks back when there was a deal with a gift voucher (with 500Rs., discount) for Rs. 10,900/- That is the lowest price that I have seen for this mobile right now.
    This option also should be included.

  2. sitakanta Reply

    Hi Arun,

    We appreciate your point and we shall like to discuss this option with you further. Can you please send me an email at sitakanta[@] I will see how to incorporate this suggestion into the website.

    • Deepak Jain Reply

      Thanks for the nice suggestion.

      I feel you should imediately start working on implementing this feature. You have missed one of the most important online market.

  3. sitakanta Reply


    I am realizing why everyone suggests to release early. The suggestions that we have been getting is just awesome..

    I have started interaction with Arun for more details about his ideas and will definitely build it in.

    • Deepak Jain Reply

      Happy to know that you (and your team) got some inputs via this post.
      Looking forward for more new exciting features on Mysmartprice.

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  5. rohit Reply

    well i didn’t knew about this thing. i will definitely start comparing with other by using this site.

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