Mobile Phone Apps to Stay Green

World Environment Day is celebrated on 5th June every year so here are some of the applications to turn your phone green. Earlier, we have also posted some tips to save battery life of your mobile phone. These apps are for Nokia S60 v3 and v5 phones.

Nokia Energy Profiler

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This app lets you to find the power consumption of your phone over a period of time. This is useful specially when you think your mobile’s battery drains soon and can’t find the reason for it. Run this application for some time with some other app in the background to find how much power is used when the particular app is running. This can also be used to mobile network coverage and internet connection speed on your phone. This is free of charge and can be downloaded from OVI store.

Green Charging Save Energy:

This app is very useful to save power when you forget to disconnect the charger after charging is complete. It generates sound alert after the charging is 100% complete. It also shows the battery standby and talk time. In addition to it, there are tips to save battery life. This app starts automatically when the phone is switched on and runs on the background. Previously this was free of charge, now you need to pay 1 Euro and can download it from OVI store.

Green Explorer

This app does not do anything to your phone but gives green tips. Login using your Nokia account and select your destination and get tips based on the place or add your own green tips. Partnered by top organisations like WWF and UNESCO. This app can be downloaded from Nokia green explorer website or via from your mobile phone browser.

Do not stop your green contribution by only installing these apps also recycle your phone properly since all the phones are now made of recyclable materials.

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