Tips to Increase Battery Life of your Mobile [Basic Phones]

Are you fed up with your cell phone’s battery life? Here are a few tips that can help you increase your phone’s battery life to some extent. The golden rule regarding battery life is that doing anything with your phone can reduce its life irrespective of it being messaging, browsing, etc. So always take care that, the more you use your phone, the more will be battery consumed and lesser will be its overall life. The following few tips can help you save your mobile’s battery life to some extent:

  • Keep all unnecessary tones off (keypad tones, SMS tones if you get too much SMS, etc).
  • Make sure your phone’s backlight is set to turn off automatically in 5-10 seconds. The default time set on most phones is about 20 seconds.
  • Reduce your screen brightness to what is actually required. The LCD screen on the phone consumes a lot of power, so keeping the brightness low should definitely increase your mobile’s battery life.
  • For incoming call alerts try to use either the ringtone or vibrate mode only but not both. Its good to leave the phone in vibration mode especially when the phone is close to you.
  • Dont let the battery become fully empty before you charge it again and dont overcharge your phone’s battery but let it charge 100%.
  • Don’t always keep your phone in poor or no network coverage areas. Its better to temporarily switch off your phone or let it go in airplane mode when there’s no network coverage

Those were some of  the basic tips to make optimal use of your phone’s battery and increase its life. You can expect another post in a few days’ time for few more tips incase you own a high-end mobile! 🙂


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  2. Christina Reply

    Thanks for posting these tips. I would only add, use phone less for music and cam functions, since they both sap the life out of the phone!

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