Nokia Launches Gold Edition of its Popular Device -N97 Mini; Priced at $850

Recently Kartik posted about the costliest mobile in the world – iPhone 3GS supreme that is simply an ordinary iPhone 3G S but what’s unique in it is, its been dressed with gold, diamond and other valuable stuff.


Nokia have now ‘officially’ introduced a similar phone, to be sold in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. The gold edition N97 mini is simply a replica of its existing product N97 mini but has a casing of 18 ct gold and has been made for its premier segment customers that can be used just as an ‘eye-candy’ device. Though this device from Nokia isn’t as costly as the iPhone 3G S supreme and comes with a price tag of $850.

Rest, its specifications is exactly similar to the existing product. You can head over to the official Nokia – Poland website to read more about Nokia N97 mini gold edition (English).

(Via – Unwired view)

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