World’s most Costliest & Expensive Mobile: iPhone 3G S Supreme

The worlds most expensive and exclusive phone, the iphone 3G S Supreme was unveiled last year. What makes it so special is the number of diamonds filled in it together with the factor of it being solid gold. This iphone is made of 271 grams of 22ct solid gold besides the front bezel being adorned with 136 diamonds totaling 68 carats. The apple logo on the back of the iphone is also in gold and has 53 diamonds in it totaling 1 ct. The home button is itself made of a very rare 7 carat diamond.

This exclusive phone was designed by Stuart Hughes. It even has a special chest with which it is sold. The chest weights 7 kg and is made out of a single block of granite and is filled with top-quality leather.

Now that I have described the phone, the issue is only about the price which costs a whopping 3.2 million dollars being around 16 cores INR. So you have to be a Ambani or Tata or someone in their league to be able to afford this phone.

Just this January another iphone was unveiled by the same designer and this one being the, iphone 3G S Supreme Rose, is slightly more expensive than the above one since this one has a platinum bezel, 18 ct Rose gold and 4 pink diamonds being 2.5 carats each. So this iphone is currently is the most expensive phone.

Link: iPhone 3G S Supreme Official Website

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