How to Obtain Song Lyrics Automatically for Free on Android

obtain song lyrics for free on android

Now here is an official method to obtain lyrics for any song being played on your smartphone. Simply enabling a small setting you can get lyrics for your personal use. The below trick is absolutely free and does not involve you to purchase any app.

obtain song lyrics for free on android

Disclaimer: This post is for informational purpose only. If the method gets misused by any means Mobile Gyaan or any of its representatives will not be held responsible. 

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Obtain Song Lyrics for Free

  • On your Android phone, download and Install JioSaavn app.
  • Open the app and head towards the “Settings” panel.

obtain song lyrics for free on android

  • Inside the settings panel, scroll down a bit and toggle on “Show Lyrics“. Also toggle on “Annotations“, which will reveal meaning and interesting stories behind the lyrics.
  • (This setting by default is set as ON when you install the app for the first time). If not use the method as discussed.

obtain song lyrics for free on android

  • Now exit the Setting panel and play a song you like. When the song starts playing, click on the tab that says “Tap for full lyrics“. Check the screenshot below for reference.

obtain song lyrics for free on android

  • This would reveal the lyrics completely as shown below.

obtain song lyrics for free on android

  • Enjoy the lyrical time!

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Although please note,

  • Your device should have a working internet connection to fetch the lyrics for a particular song.
  • If you access the lyrics while playing the song you can use the lyrics tab for karaoke singing. As the lyrics would be highlighted when the song progresses.
  • The app can fetch lyrics for both English and Hindi songs pretty accurately and other languages aren’t that far behind on the app.
  • Though this is the most legitimate way to obtain song lyrics only for personal use, any commercial use of the same might bring legal consequences.
  • The above trick is absolutely free irrespective of whether you are a paid or a free user.
  • In our testing, the lyrics were properly fetched and furnished. We hardly came across any song which did not have lyrics attached.

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