Review of Samsung Galaxy 3 Phone

The Samsung Galaxy 3 is an Android 2.1 touch-screen Smartphone available in the market. It was released a few months back and is already quite successful. Besides featuring the Android OS, it also has features such as Wi-Fi, 3G and a 3.2 MP camera. Earlier, we have posted the un-boxing photo of Samsung Galaxy 3 in an earlier post and this post contains the full review of this phone.

Samsung Galaxy 3 photos (2)

Initially when you have a glance at the phone, it doesn’t appear as a very stylish phone. It is not very light and is quite long and large due to the 3.2 inch screen. The phone has a silver’ish’ mirror like finish in the front and a black cover at the back. There is only one press-type button below the screen and the other 2 are capacitive touch-buttons.

Key features of Samsung Galaxy 3:

  • 3.2 TFT touch-screen
  • Android v2.1 (Eclair) operating system
  • 3.2 MP auto-focus camera
  • Wi-Fi and 3G
  • Internal memory of 170 MB and expandable up to 32GB
  • Battery talk time of up to 910min(GSM), up to 430min(WCDMA)
  • Pre-installed applications such as Google talk, Gmail etc
  • Think Free office suite

The market price of this phone is Rs.12000 at the moment and a 2GB memory card comes free with the box.

Pros : The main factors in favor of this phone are its pricing and the ability to download thousands of free or paid applications through Google Android Market. The camera is also reasonably good, although good lighting is necessary due to lack of flash with the camera. The touch screen is incredibly smooth to use and is not stiff in any manner. Other features I found useful include the Swype keypad, Think free office and a loud and clear music player with a good resolution video player as well.

Cons : There is a problem of the screen getting messy due to fingerprints. The phone could also use a faster processor. Another point which I have already mentioned includes lack of camera flash.

On the whole, I feel Samsung Galaxy 3 is a very good Android Smart phone for buyers looking for a budget smart phone. It is a perfect phone for the general consumer and even has a  good battery backup in 2G. However for users who want a phone with a better camera can opt for HTC Wildfire (Check our Comparison of Samsung Galaxy 3 and HTC Wildfire)

Camera samples of Samsung Galaxy 3:

Here are a few Samples taken with the camera in daylight :

2010-12-08 10.53.06

2010-12-08 10.53.51

2010-12-08 11.01.30

2010-12-08 10.56.45

If you already own this phone, do let us know what’s your view about this phone?


  1. Amrockz Reply

    Nice android smart phone wit affordable price…
    I found drawbck like lack of flash in camera,poor design…

  2. raokn Reply

    Hey kartik,

    The review of the mobile and the snaps are excellent……the phone is great and the snaps are Super…….

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  5. Kaustubh Reply

    I have purchase the phone on 17th Dec and finding lots of problem. 1) Call Drops 2) unable to download app from Market . Advised to upload the software but not satisfied.

    • Deepak Jain Reply

      Sorry to hear that. Ironically, we are also using a Galaxy 3 here at Mobile Gyaan but have never come across any such problems.
      You better contact with a Samsung service center regarding the probelms you are facing.

  6. SARIKA Reply

    i m also facing d probs like 1) call drops 2) balance does nt cum on screen wen i go for wen i press *141#… It shows USDD code running. den suddenlly it shows wallpaper.
    wt do i do. one of my fren also facing same prob.

  7. nupur Reply

    there is a serious problem regarding call drops because i guess the network receptors fail or dunno wot..its been a month n havent been able to use d camera in d room or at night…which ofcourse is a sad side of this gadget..else its a whole new experience with app market..wit all in all rox..

    • Deepak Jain Reply

      Sad to hear that Nupur. Recently we found that even our Galaxy is having similar problems.

      You can check out with local service center and they’ll probably get it fixed as this seems to be some software glitch.

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