How to Auto Schedule Reading Mode on Xiaomi Devices to Ease Reading at Night


What is Reading Mode?

Reading Mode is nothing new, it’s generally another name for blue light filtering that’s ease reading during night time. Reading Mode makes the colors of your display warmer allowing your eyes to relax. The reading mode feature on smartphone devices makes the device optimized for reading while in dark.


The reading mode on your Android Smartphone enables grayscale mapping along with the bluish light tint and all the other tiny details which are designed to make reading on your Android device an experience that is much more pleasant.

Smartphones are back-lit so the lights enter your eyes directly. On the other hand, reading devices like the Kindle are front-lit where lights come from the sides of the screen and are just enough to illuminates the screen, hence no glare.

Reading Mode on Auto-Schedule

Now Android lets you auto-schedule the above feature as per the time of the day. This can be enabled natively through the phone settings. Whenever the sun rises and sets the phone shall automatically enable or disable Reading mode on your device. Let us see how can you do the same on a Xiaomi device running MIUI 10.

Auto-Schedule Reading Mode

  • On your phone head towards the “Settings Panel“.
  • Click on “Display” on the resultant window.
  • Under display click on “Reading Mode“.
  • Toggle “Reading Mode” on.
  • Now click the toggle on “Schedule“.
  • and select “Good night’s read“. This will switch the display to reading mode after sunset automatically.
  • There is also a custom option to switch to reading mode as and when required by you.
  • Followed by the same you can also adjust the warmth of the display as per your requirement when the mode is activated. We recommend you to keep that on default settings.
  • Reading mode will be turned off automatically during HDR video playback and fingerprint verification. Your device will switch back to reading mode once these actions are completed.

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