Easily Login to a Wi-Fi Network Using QR Codes, Here’s How to do it.

In this particular post, we shall learn how to share your Wi-Fi network credentials via QR code. This method will guide you to set up an OR Code that carries your Wi-Fi credentials. The same QR code can be then used to login without the hassle of typing in the SSID name or password. Simply scan the QR code and you are good to go.

Things you will need

  • Android or an Apple Device. (Any smartphone that has a camera and Wi-Fi support)
  • QR Code Scanner.
  • Login to qrstuff.com

How to create a Wi-Fi Login QR Code

  • Initially log onto qrstuff.com and select Wi-Fi Login from “Data Type” as shown below.

  • Now head towards “Content” and type in your “SSID/Network Name” followed by “Password” and “Network Type“.

  • Head towards “Output Type” and your QR Code is ready for scanning. You can either download it on your system, print it or email as per your preference.

  • Once you have the QR Code handy, download and install the QR code app mentioned above.
  • Open the QR Code app and simply scan the QR Code generated through qrstuff.com.

  • When you scan the QR Code, hit the connect button to directly log onto the Wi-Fi network. You can also share the same using the sharing link next to the connect button.
  • Congratulations you have finally logged onto the desired Wi-Fi network using QR Code.


  • When you generate a QR code for your Wi-Fi network you do not have to share the credentials with a third party.
  • Makes it convenient for you to log in without the hassle of typing in the user name and password.
  • It’s a very effective and instant process to connect to a Wi-Fi network.
  • With Android 10 you will not have to separately download a QR Code scanner, the native Wi-Fi manager on Android 10 has the scanner baked in for easy access.


  • Third-party would have access to your Wi-Fi network unless you make them forget the network once they are done.
  • Everyone would have to download and install a QR Code scanner unless they are on Android 10.

Hope you like the above post. Do let us know your comments below, also hit us with any other method you may be knowing which you may feel is a bit more convenient and easy than the one we have mentioned above.

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