How to Create a Private Photos Folder in Google Pixel Phone

Pixel phone mobile gyaan

Pixel phone mobile gyaan

Pixel phones found their identity with the launch of Pixel 4a. That’s when they gave up the gimmicky soli radar chip and other Pixel 4 features to turn to a simplistic daily driver that can get the job done with ease. With the new line of Pixel, the company is targeting more towards the mid-range smartphone market which also seems to be working out for the makers.

Google found a new market that loved the phone line in India with the launch of its Pixel 4a back in 2020. As per Indian Mobile and Internet Stats, there are 100 smartphone users for every 0.07 seconds. And with the increasing demand for phones, users are not afraid to turn to brands that they haven’t used before. And thus, the Pixel 4a was sold out in 30 seconds of its launch in India.

The reason why people resorted to the phone is because of the price point, the features, and the Pixel benefits.

One of the latest features dropped in the Pixel line of phones is the Private photos folder.

Create a private photos folder in Pixel

  1. Open the Photos app on your Google Pixel device
  2. Select the Library tab at the bottom right of the screen
  3. Click on Utilities
  4. Find the ‘Set up a locked folder’ card
  5. You will need your fingerprint scanner to set up the folder.
  6. Once you are in, simply select the photos that you would like to move to the locked folder.

How to access locked photos

You will be able to access the locked photos from the utility section of the Photos app, just where you had created it from. Go to Utilities and scroll down until you see the Locked folder in the ‘Organise your library’ section. In order to open the locked folder, you will have to use your phone’s lock password or the fingerprint scanner.

Photos in the locked folder are hidden from the photos grid and search, and even the highlights section of the app. These photos won’t be backed up or shared with any third party app that has access to your photos. You can move a photo back to the photo grid anytime by simply selecting the particular photo and choosing to move it. Remember, the locked folder when open for a few minutes in an idle state will lock itself again.

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