How to Share WhatsApp Status Updates as Facebook Stories

share-whats-app-status-as-facebook-stories (2)

share-whats-app-status-as-facebook-stories (2)

WhatsApp with its new update now lets you share your status update directly to Facebook as stories.  The developers at Facebook plans to unify three apps namely Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp under one profile. This majorly means that all three apps shall enable cross-platform sharing.

For a start, you can now share your WhatApp status directly to your Facebook stories which work as planned for the company. Earlier only beta users were allowed to do so but with the new stable update, every user will be able to play around with the new feature.

Below is the small explanation on how can you do so. In case you do not find the option on your WhatsApp simply update your app or wait for the rollout which would be done gradually in phases.

Share WhatsApp Status to Facebook Stories

  • Download and install the Facebook app on Android or iOS. (Mandatory)
  • On your WhatsApp, head towards “My Status“.
  • Click on the hamburger icon next to the Status you want to share to Facebook.
  • Now click on “Share to Facebook“. (Please note this option will be available for your past WhatsApp status only).
  • Your Facebook profile will be shown at the bottom with your default privacy settings. Privacy settings can also be changed directly from WhatsApp to choose from Public, Freinds and connections, friend or custom.
  • Finally hit “Share Now“. You are done.


The Facebook story will be there for 24 hours once updated from WhatsApp Status. One downside here is when a WhatsApp status having a link will not be clickable on the Facebook story rather will appear only as a picture with text embedded.

Hope you like the post and gave it a try. Let us know if you face any issues what so ever. Although please note before attempting this, update your WhatsApp and Facebook app to the latest stable available through play store or Apple store. Without this, you may not be able to get the option for cross-sharing.

This phenomenal strategy to unify all three apps will bring all the independent app users together under one umbrella which would prove beneficial to Facebook by the end of the day.

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