Top 10 Hidden iOS Features That You Must Check Out Now

ios features

No matter, how much you use your Apple iPhone; there are always some features left to
be explored. Yes, we are talking about hidden features in iOS.

Besides the prominent features like FaceTime, Focus, and others, many features are
hidden or lesser-known to users.

Today, we are here to reveal some of the top hidden features that you are yet to explore
in your iOS. So without wasting any time, let’s get to the details.

1. You can use your iPhone’s camera to scan text

Have you ever thought of getting a portable document scanner for work? If yes, then
ditch that idea because you can use your iPhone’s camera as a text scanner. Just long-
press inside a text field and the “Scan Text” button will appear. With the help of this
feature, you can easily scan your email address, screenshots, and more.

2. Track your iPhone even if it’s switched off

This feature will come in handy if you lose your iPhone or it gets stolen. With the Find
My App, you can easily track your lost iPhone even if it’s turned off. This feature is
available for 5 hours after your iPhone’s battery dies. It turns your iPhone into an

3. Move Safari’s address bar to the top

Apple has changed the location of Safar’s address bar to the bottom. But this change is
not ideal for everyone. By typing “Aa” in the address bar, you can bring the address bar
back to the top.

4. Translate text on your iPhone without the Translate app

Yes, you can translate text on your iPhone without using the standalone Translate app.
All you have to do is press down on the text and you will be shown a few options. Select
the Translate option and you are done. It also allows you to select from a variety of

5. Give access to your iCloud data to someone else

If you are worried about your iCloud data being misused after you die, no worries, you
have the Legacy Contact feature. It allows you to choose from any saved contact on your
phone and give them access to your iCloud after you pass away.

6. Receive real-time precipitation alerts

iOS 15 comes with a new precipitation alert feature. You can activate it by accessing the
Weather App on your iPhone. It gives you real-time alerts which are helpful, especially
when you are planning to go out.

7. Get flash notifications

If you always miss hearing notification sounds on your iPhone, this feature is for you.
You can activate your camera flash to blink every time you receive a new notification.
You can turn on this feature from the Settings app on your phone.

8. Get the desktop version of a website

With this feature, you can open the desktop version of a site on your iPhone. All you
have to do is hold down the refresh icon in the URL box, and tap Request Desktop Site.

9. Find a phone’s owner

If you ever find a lost iPhone, just ask Siri whose iPhone it is. Siri will tell you the
owner’s name. This is one of the coolest iPhone features you will use.

10. Create custom text shortcuts

With just a few keystrokes you can make your iPhone type almost anything for you. All
you have to do is create custom text shortcuts that will automatically be replaced with
any message you want.
If you are an iPhone user you should try out all of these cool, hidden features. Next time,
we will be back with more!

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