BOLT Mobile Web Browser Passes 1 Billion Page Views Mark

BOLT Mobile web browser from Bitstream Inc. has  successfully crossed One Billion page views mark. It was launched last February and is currently attracting users at a amazing pace of more than one million a month. BOLT mobile browser is also available for some entry level phones, which cannot support the full size applications. This is available through BOLT Lite, which contains all the necessary attributes of BOLT such as many features and desktop like layout but is overall a smaller package compared to the main application.

Anna Magliocco-Chagnon, CEO of Bitstream said “In July of last year Bitstream announced that BOLT climbed past 100 million Web pages rendered. The first 100 million pages are always the hardest. At our current rate of usage, BOLT servers are rendering 100 million Web pages every two weeks, and that rate is accelerating. BOLT is now drawing new users faster than 1 million every month, another rate that is also accelerating. It’s extremely gratifying that after all our hard work and our dialogue with our users, we have built a mobile application that is highly reviewed, award-winning and popular around the world.”

The newest features of BOLT 2.1 include better integration with Facebook, support for higher video formats and enabling easy video streaming. Through these extra features, the second generation BOLT browser aims to deliver the best performance with regard to Internet usage for all types of Mobile phones.

BItstream says that there are more than 7.3 million users in more than 200 countries and in 2010 itself, BOLT has been used for a enormous 290 terabytes of data.


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