How to Disable Google Chrome from Blocking Downloads

Disable Google Chrome from Blocking Downloads
Disable Google Chrome from Blocking Downloads

If you often get an error message on Google Chrome saying “file is malicious, and Chrome has blocked it”, then you have landed to the right page. Chrome due to its strict policies often considers our downloads to be malicious and affected. Due to this we often cannot download even a simple file that is not malicious and infected. If you are getting this error every now and then just follow this simple guide.

How Download Blocked files on Google Chrome

Step 1. Update Google Chrome to the latest version.

Google Chrome Update

Step 2. Head towards the settings panel.

Google Chrome Settings

Step 3. Scroll to the extreme bottom and hit Advanced settings.

Google Chrome Advanced Settings

Step 4. Search for “Privacy & Security settings” panel.

Privacy Settings on Google Chrome

Step 5. And disable the option “Safe Browsing” – Protect you and your device from dangerous sites.

Disable Safe Browsing on Google Chrome

Step 6. Re-try to download what was blocked earlier. You will be able to download the file easily without any error.

Once you are done with the downloads, we recommend you to re-enable the safe browsing to be on the safer side.

Points to Remember

  1. Disabling safe browsing makes your PC vulnerable to malicious and infected files.
  2. Any infected file that you download can infect your computer with viruses.
  3. You may be left with corrupted downloads.
  4. Your browser may be taken up by adware or bloatware.
  5. The browser may record your passwords and other important details.

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