DoCoMo’s ‘2gether’ Platform will help you Reach your Loved ones

This Valentines, to help you connect with your loved one or with whom you admire the most, TATA DoCoMo has come up with an initiative called – ‘2gether’.

docomo together

With ‘2gether’, DoCoMo will SMS or email your loved one (keeping your identity unrevealed) and ask them to guess your name until he/she correctly guesses your name and then will connect both of you by disclosing your name to the person whom you admire the most.

How to Use DoCoMo 2gether?

  1. Become a member of DoCoMo on Facebook, Orkut or Twitter
  2. Create an account
  3. Fill in either the mobile number or email id of the one who admire or love

For complete FAQ on DoCoMo 2gether visit this page


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