[CLOSED]Tracking Daily Finances Made Easy with FinArt: Review and Giveaway

FinArt is a digital platform to manage your daily expenses in an automatic and intuitive visualization. The app scans your SMS inbox to get details about the expenses made and furnishes the same at one place automatically. The app works with all the banks, credit cards, debit cards, and e-wallets.  FinArt comes with 5 days premium trial post which you can opt for their most economic yearly plan of Rs. 499 with no commitments. Keep reading more as we have a small giveaway at the end of this post.

Key features of FinArt

1 – Very efficiently tracks and manages all the expenses as and when they occur.

2 – Let’s you plan and execute a monthly budget based on categories you choose.

3 – The app also can track the balances on your bank account, credit cards and e-wallets. The same can be done via call or SMS that the app initiates when requested for. It also lets you enter and save a bank account manually.

4 – The best part here is the personalization of categories, which is brilliantly categorized as per the transaction and its nature.

5 – This money manager can also remind you about the due dates for the outstanding bills and allows to sync data across various platforms and multiple devices using a secure peer to peer connection.

6 – Other than Indian, the app also handles various other currencies in real time.

7 – You can personally edit your profile to set the start day of a month and can control spends and save money for long term goals.

8 – The developer guarantees a lifetime Ad free user experience.

Advantages of FinArt

1 – FinArt totally respects your privacy hence does not require you to log in, would never ask for email id’s or phone numbers and works flawlessly without the need of registrations.

2 – The app comes with the highest security benchmark in the industry where it never tracks your personal messages, passwords or login related to any bank registered with your phone number. The app offers unprecedented data privacy and security controls for managing your financial transactions.

3 – FinArt comes with a private mode which ensures that none of your private information or bank transaction details are passed outside the phone.

4 – In par with other similar apps it doesn’t store your backup on third-party servers instead lets you choose Google Drive backup registered with your email ID only.

5 – You can see a complete review of your financial status, where you can manage how the money is flowing and how can you control the same if needed.

User Interface

FinArt app user interface is very basic and represents the financial data in a very appropriate way. The default landing page welcomes the user with a basic summary of his or her spendings in various categories. The app initially would scan your SMS inbox and would furnish the data from the period the phone carries transactional messages.

You can also see a detailed expenditure report of a particular month which is further categorized into expenses and non-expenses head. The brilliant part of the app is the recognition of payments made via e-wallets and the excellent tracking of cash backs which is then distributed respectively. The expenses related to a bank or wallet are furnished with respective logos for users to recognize a particular transaction.

The settings panel can be accessed with a swipe to the right under which you can set different options to play around with the app. Inside the settings menu, you can also enable app lock which denies app access without entering a passcode or lock pattern.

Cons/Areas of Improvement for FinArt

We did not find any major issues with the app as the customer support experience was snappy and fast. You can directly email the customer support right from the app itself and the reply is indeed quick. The app is updated often to bring fixes and UI improvements.

But one thing that we noticed is that the outstanding are kept as due even after they are paid. We tried rescanning the SMS inbox but it did not work for us. This was in case of transactions that were auto debited from savings account like an EMI or other fixed financial commitments. So finally we have to mark it as paid on the app.

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