‘Layar’ – Augmented Reality App now Supports Symbian^3 and S60 Devices

Layar for Symbian

‘Layar’ is one of the popular augmented reality app launched last year for Android and iPhone and now available for Symbian devices. This uses phone’s camera, accelerometer, compass and GPS to create augmented reality of the things around you and browse them.

Layar for Symbian

Features of Layar for Symbian

  • Discover places from the list of layers that are both free and paid and find the details about the places it.
  • Switch between live and augmented reality mode easily.
  • Explore 3D objects, sounds, videos and cool interactivity with different Layers.
  • Change between the genre of old and new look of the places.
  • Share the place on Foursquare, and even take a picture and post it on twitter .
  • Discover restaurants, bars, shops and houses nearby.
  • Learn history of a particular building or a monument.
  • Get directions to a nearby Layer location easily.

Raimo Van Der Klein, CEO and co-founder of Layar said

Augmented reality is changing the way people view the world, Layar’s goal is to bring the AR experience into people’s every day lives and with this offering we are able to provide Nokia users with that rich digital experience on their mobile phones

Here is a short video explanation about Layar:

Supported devices: Nokia N8, Nokia C7, Nokia C6-01, Nokia E7, Nokia N97 and Nokia N97-mini.

Cost: Free

There are different layers like weather layer that gets forecasts in your city, office layer finds more details about the office and satellite tracks that spots satellites in space . Layar supports all the Symbian^3 devices and couple of S60 devices (Update the device to latest firmware for smooth 3D rendering). Also try out layar on Android and iOS if you have not.

Download Link: Layar for Symbian

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