Motorola DEFY – Features, Price, Advantages and Disadvantages

motorola defy india priceMotorola enjoyed great success in US with its Milestone army. It was this lineup of theirs, that brought them back into the competition and literally set milestones after being outperformed by the likes of HTC, Samsung and Apple. The success of the Milestone series gave them a new boost of confidence and they never looked back after that. Another phone from Motorola was the DEFY which turned out to be a real value for money for the users. This phone was recently launched in India. Lets have a look at the merits and demerits of this phone and whether it can “defy” its rivals or not.

Advantages of Motorola Defy:

The phone promises to be first water and dust resistant phone of its kind and running android OS at the same time. It has a scratch resistant Gorilla Glass display measuring 3.7 inch with a resolution of 480 X 854 which is some real good news. These features may attract many customers in India as people here often demand sturdy phones cause of their rough usage. It scores some extra point on its specs sheet with an 800 Mhz processor and 512 Mb of RAM. The DEFY has all the connectivity options and has full multimedia capabilities. The most important factor in our market which is the price is fairly acceptable. You will have to lighten your pockets by Rs. 18500 if you plan to buy this phone. If user opinions are to be trusted then the battery life of this phone is nothing short of phenomenal.

Motorola Defy water proof android(Image credits: @jonchoo)

Motorola Defy Disadvantages:

If the above specs impressed you then there are some minor hiccups that may concern you. The thing that disappoints about this phone is that it still runs Android 2.1 which means no flash support in the web browser and all applications are to be installed on the phone memory only. Although there is news that DEFY will get Froyo treatment somewhere in the second quarter of 2011, but then again its not official. Defy also lacks HD video recording which has become very common these days. It still records video in a VGA resolution (640 X 480) at 30fps. HTC has recently slashed the price of Desire and if you can slightly increase your budget you can eliminate all of these shortcomings. The desire is priced around Rs. 21000 and runs Android 2.2 . Defy will also have a serious competition from Samsung Galaxy Ace that is expected to be launched very soon and Samsung Wave II which is continuing the success of its predecessor.

Mobile Gyaan Verdict on Motorola Defy:

The end choice is of course of the buyers and its their preference that matters.  Its up to you if you want waterproofing for your phone or flash support in the browser. Whether you prefer Gorilla glass  to prevent scratches or HD Video capture. But certainly the DEFY is a phone which cannot be neglected in its price bracket. For those planning to buy a phone in near future it is certainly a good news that this phone is available in India.


  1. Gary Reply

    The phone’s built in browser does support flash, and it’s done a pretty decent job. Of course it would be nice to have native flash support from the Froyo 2.2.

  2. James Reply

    Once I heard word of this phone, I knew it was a must have for me. I am very impressed with the ruggedness but find myself more drawn to the HD playback abilities. I am a DISH Network subscriber/employee, and just installed their Remote Access app. I can now watch more than 200 HD channels streamed to the 3.7″ Gorilla Glass screen. Brilliant Phone!

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