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If you own a prepaid mobile, you must be knowing, how irritating it is when the talk time exhausts on your prepaid mobile while having an important talk/discussion with your friends/family/client. To add on to this pathetic situation, you cannot neither locate a recharge store nor find someone who can help you out! Well, forget about such troubles, RechargeItNow, an online prepaid mobile recharge service has come up to your rescue!

Next time you run out of talk time on your mobile, you will not have to scratch your head behind locating the nearest recharge store. All you need is a mobile or a computer system connected to the internet.

How to recharge online?

Just head over to RechargeItNow, register yourself and verify your mobile number for the first time and then you will be guided over by the user friendly user interface of RechargeItNow to head over.

Is your Operator Covered?

Presently this service is limited only to the below mentioned service providers only, but do not panic if your operator is not listed, they are continuously upgrading themselves to provide the best quality service.

  • Aircel
  • BSNL
  • Idea
  • TATA
  • Vodafone
  • Loop Mobile (Previously known as BPL Mobile)
  • Reliance (CDMA only)
  • Virgin Mobile

How to pay for the Recharge made?

There are a varied options available for making the payment for recharge done by you. The available payment option are:

  • Debit Cards
  • Credit Cards
  • Internet Banking (All major nationalized banks covered)
  • Cash Cards

What additional charges you will incur?

No, there is no additional charges charged by RechargeItNow for the fast and reliable service offered by them. All you need to pay is only for the amount that you recharge your mobile with.

Is it safe and reliable?

Absolutely! The payment made to them using your bank account is completely safe and your personal details will not be misused as the service uses VeriSign Secured payment processing service. So be assured about the sensitive data provided by you to RechargeItNow while processing the payment.

After giving it a try of our own, we say, the service is really too fast and reliable and has a robust technology of getting mobiles recharged immediately after receiving the payment and the request. In case, due to bad server the amount gets stuck, it gets reverted to the same bank account automatically within 24-48 hours.

Link: RechargeItNow.


  1. Dnyanesh Mankar Reply



    Those who have CCs, DCs, Internet Banking accounts and frequent access to internet will most probably have postpaid mobile plan! 🙂

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply


      No friend.. You cannot say that.
      I personally know people having debit cards at least if not credit cards with a computer and internet in it, but still they have prepaid mobiles. In fact, till recently I myself was a prepaid customer 🙂

  2. Gagan Reply

    its great… no need to go out, now we can recharge our mobiles any time and at any place we want.. thanks 🙂

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      Yes, indeed. And all the credits goes to “RechargeitNow” 🙂

      @Sunil Attri
      You are welcome to MobileGyaan buddy!

      Gone are the days! Now money gets spent over the fly! 😉

  3. Ricky Reply

    There are so many recharge shop available around.I don’t prefer Internet banking much.Nice info here

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      I agree there are many recharge stores available, but what if, for example you have to recharge your mobile at mid-night?
      In such cases at least, such online services may be helpful

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      But I suppose, not sure though, Fastrecharge charges a certain commission amount for recharging mobiles.. And many people here won’t entertain this.

  4. hariks Reply

    Yeah, Fastrecharge takes big chunk as commission amount. But whats a catch with rechargeitnow, how they are providing a service without commission. is it reliable?

    The question raised because, as e-commerce specialist for sure I know payment gateway takes a considerable percentage as a commission. Then how come rechargeitnow provides recharge service without commission.
    is it just promotional offer?

    When I tried to recharge with FullTT offer which I received through SMS. Rechargeitnow declined as “invalid amount”.

    Throw some light on my doubts.

  5. gopal Reply

    I want to do the safe transaction so i use online authorized sites to recharge my mobiles :
    like for Vodafone Online Recharge i use Vodafone site Recharge Online

  6. nisha Reply is the best prepaid service in India. You can search for topups, prepaid plans bonus packs , buy mobile recharge and add numbers of your friends and family to same account. You can also do SMS Recharge and automatic recharge.

  7. Gopal Reply


    I dont know abt other sites where we can recharge. i think they collect some extra fee, in Vodafone site we don’t have to pay any extra amount.

    In my last comments i have given Vodafone site link and now its pointing to mobilegyaan site. then this is a site where comments can be modified by site owner.. then why this functionality… “Leave a Comment” .

    Site owner remove comments section and write down what ever you want……………..

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      As I can check on your previous comment, you haven’t put anything after “http://” and it is taking it as the same url that you commented on.


      we have the android apps ,will create franchise for you.

      when you are in roaming it becomes very difficult to recharge your mobile, datacard.

      we can give you franchise for mobile recharge,data card recharge,DTH recharge.Keep some balance and recharge yours as well as others.

  8. sourav Reply

    hi, i have bought a new reliance gsm starting with 80102….. and its showing the no. is invalid.
    i think site has not got updated yet

  9. ganesh Reply

    do you give commission also for recharging others mobile?

    can You give me API code for my website?


  10. raj Reply

    Dear Sir,

    Do you know How that Site can give facility of Recharge of that much different Service Provider,

    How they Collabrate with them,

    and Wat commission they earn from Service Provider,

    and they Have avail facility of Payment Gateway so for that Facility should they have to pay any charges.

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      @ raj
      Electronic/Easy recharge has made such things amazingly fast and easy.
      About commission, at heavy transactions they must be making around 5% with payment gateway charges of around 1%

  11. Rohan Reply


    For Indian mobile recharge you must visit if you are be regular user of recharge guru you will get Rs.10 easy recharge for free. GSM, CDMA, DTH easy recharge are available. Best part they support

    So come be a part of

    Also promote by becoming its affiliate and earn free prepaid recharge.


  12. nithyanath Reply

    All the online recharging portals are tied up with one or the other payment gateway in India which is regulated by the RBI guidliness.
    So all the transactions are safe and secured.
    So my analysis over the online recharge portals are as follows:
    => – Its the oldest portal, only voucher recharges is applicable. Airtel recharge is not possible. Internet charges is applicable.
    => – clumsy portal but no internet charges. They fix the denominations which is not customer friendly.
    => – they support sms recharge and good site. Internet charges applicable.
    => – No signup is required and user friendly. So far so good. Let me wait and see. Internet charges applicable.

  13. Karthick Reply

    I have tried all recharge website which providing recharge services, as i customer i didnt face any problem so far with , im happy with this website, lets see how their service in future.

  14. xx Reply

    i have come across a great site for online top ups.,
    company offers 2.5% discount on all recharges.
    is there a comp. to beat this.

  15. Sundar Reply

    We have big retail network across s.india (1000+) with good internet connectivity, we are looking to embed mobile recharge service as additional product, can anyone help us to get trough…

  16. keshab mahakul Reply

    this service should be business purpose,thus commision is essential

  17. Satish Reply

    Hi,i think this is the website where we can find thi all recharge option but there should also have E-Top up facility.

  18. jasjeet Reply

    Hi Guys, I m really fed up becoz I am not able to find one simple answer to online mobile recharge. Is there a single good website, so that i can recharge my mobile through sms as I am always travelling in India and am always confused about getting mobile recharge. I am really
    looking for some great solution before I give Up. Can anyone please recommend me a website vich also recharges my Internet packs.

  19. Deepak Jain Post authorReply

    We are no way related to RechargeitNow group hence you can directly talk to them for commission.

    Please contact someone in their official team to get to know about their API.

    We feel sorry for the problem you are facing. Have an eye on our new posts, and we are coming up with a post on “how to recharge your mobile via SMS”

  20. deepak Reply

    Hi Sir,
    I was thinking to start a mobile recharge website i would like to know here do i get the apis for developing the website should i go to each n every operator for the same or are there any one house solutions available for the same??
    What is the commission we get here form the operators for the recharge we make???
    what is the best n cost effective 3rd party online card processing company and their commission plan.
    how much is this market big???

  21. karan Reply

    How third party enabler recharge online prepaid mobile is there any of softwear required for that .

  22. bala Reply

    you can recharge your mobiles and your friends family also anyone with highest commission.register with as a retailer.also you can recharge your prepaid post paid ,lic and DTH via one service.

  23. Hussein Reply

    Pls Guide me I want to start online recharge business so to whom i contact and i also want to do international recharge for USA UK Australia Canada Newzelend Africa China UAE and on & on. so pls guide me to whom i contact for that or provide me information about this

  24. Rohit Sharma Reply

    Dear Sir,

    I was thinking to start a mobile recharge website i would like to know here do i get the apis for developing the website
    What is the commission we get here form the operators for the recharge we make?

  25. Anurag Singh Reply

    I have a mobile shop,
    I want to be many types of recharge thru internet from your site, but I need a commesion on every recharge

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      We don’t provide online recharge service. We just provide info. about various services fromt he moible world.
      You can browse through our archives to check out websites providing online recharge service.

  26. ezRecharge Support Reply offers three mode of Recharge methods

    1. Online Web based Recharge
    2. SMS Recharge
    3. Dial a Recharge (Launched First time in india on 10/10/10 10:10:10)

    How to Recharge:
    Visit and create an account with your valid mobile
    number and valid email ID.

    Three clicks to get instant Recharge. Click the link to know how

    SMS Recharge:
    Inorder to use SMS Recharge, you need to topup your ezWallet.
    Click the link to know, how to topup your ezWallet

    Once you have sufficient balance in your ezWallet, send following
    SMS format to 0-99625 39767(Remember as 99625 EZSMS)

    SMS Format: EZ
    Code - Airtel - AT, Vodafone-VF, Uninor-UN, Docomo-TD,Videocon-VI
    eg. EZ VF 9962539767 10

    Inorder to use Dial a Recharge, you need to topup your ezWallet.
    Click the link to know, how to topup your ezWallet

    Once you have sufficient balance in your ezWallet,
    dial 93 46 392255(Remember as WE-GO-EZCALL). Interactive voice
    response will help you to do a instant recharge.

  27. Anukul Reply

    Hi Deepak,

    I am planning to start my own mobile recharge website. I have come accross a website called which not only charge any thing extra apart from the recharge value but also give you free coupons..although based on some conditions.
    I just need to understand as to how can one earn in this online recharge business when the commision for recharge is 2.5 to max 3% and the payment gateway charges anything between 3 to 5%.Where does the profit come from ?


    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      Though I am not sure and not much into online recharge business. What I feel is, these websites must be getting bulk purchase/sell discount from both payment gateways and service providers. AFAIK, payment gateways, definitely charge as low as .5-.75% as service charges if the amount transacted is very high.

  28. narendra singh Reply

    i am find a best recharging website all type of mobile &dth rechrging service and earn comission
    because i am intrested a rechrging bussiness.
    help me ?
    send solution a via email

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      Though we are not into online recharge business.
      Will try to check if I can get any info for you. Will then post it on this blog.

  29. Narendra Singh Rajpurohit Reply

    hai deepak
    my 2gb micro sd card open my nokia hendset 6233 but any other handset and pc card not show
    what a problem. help me

  30. mahe Reply

    Use this website in your own luck…if u got the recharge ,u are lucky…but if it fails(payment deducted and no recharge),there is no way to get back contact No to access them..if u use their website form to complaint any no of time ,u wont get any response…

  31. jitz Reply

    I am the unlucky one, I recharged with amount of Rs 333.00 for my airtel number but the recharge was not done and the money was deducted. I used their website form to complaint but after reading all of this, I am not sure I will ever get my money back . 🙁

  32. gopal jain Reply

    i am trying to set up a online recharge website for all,whom should i approach ?? or else can i get the API’s from already existing websites ??

  33. HONEY RANA Reply

    can anyone tell about that is a good website for recharge for mobile phones

  34. Anil Kumar Reply is the leading online mobile and DTH recharge shop. Its features are excellent and the design is user friendly to use. Offers are also attractive. I am using it and had an awesome experience with it.

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