Spotify Lite Launched in India with Storage and Data Control Features

Spotify was amongst the much awaited online music streaming apps to reach India. The official app was announced in Jan 2019 and was finally rolled out for users by the end of February 2019. The app lets users experience multilingual music recommendations, free Spotify with full control, exclusive playlists for India and many more.


Spotify has already been on top charts across various app stores. Post its arrival in India, the company once again officially launched a lite version of the original music streaming app which gives users to control the amount of data and storage used by the app.

Spotify Lite app will make millions of free songs more accessible to anyone who may have an older mobile device, limited storage on their phones, are in poor internet connectivity areas, or just don’t want to spend excess data on listening to music.

Features of Spotify Lite

1 – Lets you easily control data and storage.

2 – Small sized app, about 10 MB only.

3 – Spotify Lite also comes with the ability to set a data limit and get a notification when you reach it.

4 – Spotify Lite also allows you to control your cache, and clear it with a single tap.

Spotify Lite is a simpler version of the original Spotify app. The lite version resembles a similar look and feels. It uses less storage, data, and battery to optimize performance, making it ideal for older devices and operating systems. You can download Spotify Lite and use it either alongside or independently from the main Spotify app. The Spotify lite app is now available for Android and the company is also planning to launch the same for iOS users as well.


Kalle Persson, Senior Product Manager at Spotify says, “Spotify Lite was built from the ground up based on user feedback from around the world, allowing millions more to enjoy the world’s best music experience — especially in areas with limited bandwidth and phone storage”.

Spotify Lite is now available in 36 markets* across Asia, Latin America, Middle East and Africa on Google Play with more markets and features to follow as we continue to improve the Spotify Lite experience.

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