TATA follows Loop Telecom in Rolling out its GSM Services; Launched in Karnataka

tata-docomo-gsm In my last post I mentioned about Loop Telecom rolling its services in Karnataka and Kerala after successfully launching in various other states like Tamil Nadu and Orissa. It seems TATA’s GSM services (AKA DoCoMo) is following Loop telecom and immediately after the launch of Loop Telecom in Karnataka, they too rolled their services in Karnataka telecom circle followed by Tamil Nadu and Orissa.


For those who are not aware about TATA DoCoMo, its a new venture initiated by TATA Teleservices and Japan’s DoCoMo, that is operating services with GSM technology and willing to spread its operations across the country in a very short span of time.


TATA DoCoMo has several interesting tariff plans to offer like, a subscriber can call any number in the country for just 1 paise per second. (There will soon be a dedicated post mentioning all the tariff details in TATA DoCoMo).


Also, as per the details available from the company officials, TATA DoCoMo will soon be available in 427 towns and 2642 villages in Karnataka that will provide uninterrupted railway route coverage for more than 220 KM.

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Link: TATA DoCoMo Official website


  1. sanket Reply

    hey its really intersetin..the new launch of tata docomo wil create a buzz in the Indian telecom market..with jus 1paisa/sec call rates customer wil be so eager to take it..i myself hav decided to take a connection jus as it get launched..i also went through their wonderful site..its true guys tata hav done it again ..(http://www.tatadocomo.com/ )jus check it out!!

  2. ashish Reply

    the per second pricing was new to every one n every liked it nw as tata docomo is growing thr plans too are growing making thr customers happy..nw they are playing wit the sms n providing the per second sms or the diet sms..it wil charge you for each lettr…ct waiti to put my hands on docomo..

  3. ashish Reply

    hey guys heard abt the diet sms??its interstin dat docomo coms up wit such plans..a way to keep the length of sms short..n the plan again is each character charged per paisa..:)

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      Yep, I came across those diet SMS thing.. Didn’t consider writing about it as the news was available across the internet! 😉

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