Vodafone now lets you set Callertune using Facebook

Using Vodafone’s Callertune Share Facebook app, you can now search for a callertune and set it as a your Vodafone mobile’s callertune. The best part about this Facebook app is you can even listen to a 8 sec clip of the songs of your choice before going ahead and activating it as your callertune.

vodafone callertune share facebook

Here are the various things that you can do using this facebook app:

Vodafone Callertune Share Facebook App Features:

  • Search for your favorite Callertune by Song Name, Movie or Artist
  • Listen to an 8 sec preview to ensure you are picking the right Callertune
  • Check out Callertunes recommended specially for you and set your favourite one directly on facebook
  • See what Callertunes your friends have and Copy the one that you like in just one easy click
  • Discovered a great song? Recommend it to your friends by posting it on your wall! Your friends can set that song as their Callertune in just one easy click
  • Manage your Callertunes subscription. See which song you have set for which callers and modify them

To start using the Vodafone Callertune Facebook App, for the first time you need to register your Vodafone mobile by visiting the application page.

During the launch event, Rohit Adya, CEO, Vodafone Essar- Mumbai said:

Music is something that is enjoyed by everyone and Callertunes are an individual’s way of expressing their passion for music. ‘Vodafone Callertune share’ extends the Callertune services onto Facebook enabling our customers to activate and recommend songs to their friends, all from the comfort of their social network page. We have more than a million fans on facebook and they will surely enjoy this service.  This is the first time a telecom operator is launching such a unique service for its customers and we will continue to provide such exciting services through the year.

Link: Vodafone Callertune Share App

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