Best Android Apps Of The Month – August 2017

In this particular post, we shall be showing you some cool apps using which you can make the most out of your Android Smartphone. The list in not in any order and most are free to download from the play store with some apps having in app purchases which in most cases won’t be needed.


  • Walnut – Using walnut you can easily and securely track monthly expenses on various categories like Food, Grocery, Shopping, traveling etc. It tracks your SMS’s on the phone and regularly updates each and every transaction happened via bank or debit or credit cards. Walnut also notifies you about payments due and dates so as to pay them on time without fail.


  • AZ Screen Recorder – This is so far the best screen recorder available on the play store. It does not require you to have root and is also free to use. Moreover, it does not limit the time for recording and doesn’t keep any watermarks or ads.


  • Easy Uninstaller – If you are in a habit of installing a lot of apps on your phone, uninstalling them one by one would be a big trouble. With Easy uninstaller you can select apps you need to uninstall and with a mere click, you can uninstall everything in one go. Also, lets you clean up space and clear storage on the go.


  • Feedly – Feedly is far most the best RSS reader on the play store right now. It gives you can clean and easy interface to track contents being published to your favorite blogs, websites and even you tube channels. The app loads fast and offer a simple and clean reading experience.


  • Instasave for Instagram – This handy tool lets you save Instagram photos and videos for later viewing. Once saved you can view them offline and repost the same to your feed as well. Please do not use this service in order to download and save photos of other Instagram users without proper permissions. Good for personal use only.


  • Life Hacks – This app lets you add up your knowledge basket with new and exciting hacks related to categories like technology tricks, food, and drinks, health and fitness, daily life solutions, money savers, life tips, party hacks, survival, brainy and much more. The app is very light and also lets you share hacks through various in app sharing feature.


  • Minimalist Wallpapers – As per our usage, we consider it to be one of the best wallpaper apps out there. The app consists of Ultra HD quality 2500+ wallpapers with a new addition to every category each day. They can be saved, shared and can be set as wallpapers since the Ultra HD resolutions let it fit any screen size easily. You can add wallpapers to your favorites section and can also pinch to zoom in and out.


  • True Balance – If you are a prepaid mobile user, True Balance app can really come in handy. It lets you know your balance for voice, data and even special recharge done. Moreover using the app can earn you cash backs, recharge mobile, get rewards with every invite etc. Surprisingly this app does support the JIO SIM where you can easily check the balance and get recharges as well. The feature list with this app is really wide and we recommend you to use the same immediately.


  • TwilightIt filters the flux of blue light emitted by your phone or tablet after sunset and protects your eyes with a soft and pleasant red filter. This app auto adapts itself according to the time of the day and relaxes your eyes for better reading during night time.


  • Dancing LineLast but not the least is a game called “Dancing Line” which is really addictive and mind blowing. All you have to do is to make the line move around and reach its destination without hitting the piano keys. The game play is really simple and addictive to the core but also the background score is mesmerizing and really outstanding. Playing the games with your earphones or headphones are recommended.

 Hope you liked the list above. Make sure you share the same with your friends and family. Do comment below in order to let us know your favorite Android apps as well.

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