BEWARE! An SMS may ruin your life.

Yes! With the help of some loopholes present in SMS technology, anyone can send SMS using any number as the sender id of the SMS, and importantly without the knowledge of the original mobile holder. As a proof you can check out the video, the guy demonstrating this trick on Zee news is the editor in chief of MOBILE GYAAN. The worst part of this loophole is that, any one having basic knowledge about internet and computers can misuse this loophole once got access to some service providers.
So beware! next time when you receive a distress SMS, make yourself sure that it is received from the right person. If possible report it, it may help some one else too..


  1. Samrat Reply

    Hey can u give me that site address that was reffered in the video plz

  2. Deepak Reply

    hello Sam, gud to hear from you. But sorry we cannot disclose the website’s name due to security concerns.

  3. Samrat Reply

    Plz believe me i will not give that site address to anyone.This only for my knowledge.I think u can understand..

  4. Deepak Jain Reply

    No samrat believe me, this is just for awarness purpose and I couldnot disclose its name.

  5. Anonymous Reply

    hey thts gr8…..its jst like free SMS….but where is url????????i knw u cnt gv..its k i will find…hahahahahaha..gr8 job…thnx to shre

  6. Tarun Reply

    hmm wats wrong in giving the site adrs Deepak ………??

    anyhow guys this is the site wat Deepak was using i know deepak you are not going to acpt the cmnt wat ever guys ….the trick wat deepak was using dsnt wrk anymore …!!

  7. deepak Post authorReply

    Tarun you are wrong…
    Neither I’ve used the site mentioned.. nor have the trick stopped working.
    It still works for me using the site I used earlier. And very shortly I am going to do another TV show regarding this 🙂

  8. kkkkk Reply

    hi friend ….my friends have been receiving SMS from my mobile number which i do not send…it is completely out of my knowledge,,,i have contacted service provider also …no such messages were sent from my number…and i know its hacking process but how can i know the person who is using my number…Inspite of local number the service provider has been shown for another airtel delhi while its not..

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