For working trick check this.

  • Now a very simple way has been found through which you can get your ORKUT scraps on your mobile phones via SMSs.
  • No need of GPRS or WAP or internet connection on your mobile phones.
  • No need of a hi-fi mobile phone.
  • Just a simple cell phone needed which can receive SMSs. Thats it.
  • No charges involved. It is totally FREE.


  1. Login to your orkut account and click on your profile itself. You will get your orkut id on the address bar. For E.x.
    17131020411019753927 (This is your unique orkut id)
  2. Replace this link to make Rss feed of it. You can enter your unique orkut id here http://www.orkutfeeds.com/feed.php?uid=
    For E.x. my orkut id becomes-
  3. Now go to http://www.mytoday.com/ and register your mobile. This can only be done by sending sms “REG” to 9845398453. This will cost you 2 to 3 Rupees based on the operator.
  4. Now Mytoday will send you your password to your mobile.
  5. Login to Mytoday.com using your mobile no. as id and the password that you received.
  6. Click on the Manage Feeds.
  7. Click on “SMSNow” you will find an option to Add Feed Name & URL
  8. Now insert the unique Rss Feed Url that we had created in step 2 and click on the “Send SMS” link. That’s it.. you are done with the complete procedure.


  1. All the steps will be same as above, but in Step 3 use http://www.indian-tv.com/orkut.php?uid=xxxxxxxxx (in place of xxxx replace your orkut unique id) instead of the one given above. For E.x. in my case it becomes: http://www.indian-tv.com/orkut.php?uid=17131020411019753927


  • This trick will not work if the scrapbook you are using is locked. So please unlock the scrapbook before doing this.
  • You will not receive the smss instantly. It could take over 3-4 hours for the scrap smss to reach your inbox.
  • This whole trick/process is for Indian cell users only

Feel free to contact Mobile Gyaan for any issues or help regarding this trick.
[email protected]

For working trick check this.


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  2. Gagan Reply

    for getting sms from the feeds, we can use google sms channels but creating such feeds is threat to your private scraps since even though your scrapbook is locked but you created a feed for your id, then anyone can access that feed channel..

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