Blackberry Empathy – New Concept Phone that Detects Human Emotions

Social Networking is a hot trend in recent years. Keeping that in mind Kiki Tang and Daniel Yoon designed a Blackberry smart phone which is still in conceptual stage that can detect human emotions and is also integrated into a social network. This phone also comes with a finger ring. When worn this can detect Heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature and skin sensation.

Image source – Vanko design

This uses a control wheel instead of a tabular menu. The wheel is also used to select the functions of contacts. The contacts are show in a network based on how they are related.

The emotional state of the persons in the mobile phone contacts are shown as a Biometric ring and the ring changes color based on the emotions of the persons (Based on the mood ring). This can also detect feelings of other people in a room and stores the data into an emotional timeline which can be monitored over a period of time. These emotions can be sent to others via text messages.

Watch this video to understand more about the concept:

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