[App Review] Samsung Chaton: Cross Platform Instant Messaging Application for Mobile Phones

Many of us are aware about the award winning feature of Blackberry services – Blackberry Messenger that lets its users seamlessly and flawlessly send instant messages (including media, map location, etc) to any other Blackberry user worldwide. But the problem with Blackberry’s instant messaging service is that its not cross platform supported and thus, doesn’t lets its users communicate with users of any other mobile operating system.

chaton mobile instant messenger

There are many other applications similar to Blackberry Messenger that supports cross platform IM and one such application is ‘Chaton’ developed by Samsung. We received a request to review the app and at the first moment we thought its just another application on the app store, but only to prove ourselves wrong, we found it to be more than just that. Read on to find out what makes Samsung Chaton stand out of the crowd.

Samsung Chaton Features:

Cross platform & web login support

First thing that most of the smart phone users want in their mobile instant messengers is the ability to send messages to devices in other mobile platforms as well. Chaton does the work well wherein, unlike Blackberry & iOS proprietary messenger, you do not have a limitation to send messages only to users on the same platform. In fact, what makes the app different and better from its competitors like whatsapp is, it lets you chat with your chaton contacts from a web-login too (link), a feature that many users would welcome.

Automatically find your friends

Unlike Gtalk and some other IM services, as soon you install the chaton application and configure it with your mobile number, you are presented with a list of all your friends who are already using the application thus saving you with the hassle of asking their id and manually adding them. Pretty useful, isn’t it? In case you are wondering, the app finds your friends using your phone contacts.

Send text, voice, media, map location, animation messages and more

samsung chaton features

Unlike traditional short messaging service, you can send not just text but personalized voice and animated messages, media (music & video), your current location on the map and any other kind of files that you can think of. The app also has feature to broadcast a message to multiple contacts

Everything for free

Best thing being, you need not pay a penny to use neither the app nor its services. Send unlimited text, voice, video, scribblings, etc to your loved ones and all you need is a working data connection on your phone – cellular data (2G, 3G) or wifi.

Further improvement rumors

It is also rumored that Chaton may introduce video chatting feature that would work over 3G and wifi.

(Video demoing all the features of chaton)


As I mentioned earlier, I tried it out on one of my Android device and everything looks great. But in a future version of the app, the development team should look into making the app more lighter to ensure that it works flawlessely on low powered devices too.

Link: Download Chaton (Click on the download link and select your OS)

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