Chinese mobiles may soon be banned in India!

Chinese_no Yes, what you listed just now is true. Even we were not sure about it, but recently, the Intelligence Bureau (IB) of India recommended to ban the use of Chinese handsets to the Department of Telecommunication (DoT), and it is about to be implemented in India. The Intelligence Department of India is against those Chinese phones just because, some Chinese phones are not equipped with IMEI Numbers and pose serious threat to the national security.

As per an article of International Business Times:

Cheap Chinese mobile phones are posing as a security threat to India as unlike proper, branded handsets, these duplicate copies have fake International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number. They are also eating into earnings of branded manufacturers and posing as health risk to users.

Cyber crime experts explains that, Chinese phones comes without Bill and Warranty, and are pirated, without being equipped with IMEI number, which are helpful for tracing mobiles. As these phones are not equipped with IMEI number, they can easily be used by anti-social  elements, proving dangerous to the Nation’s security.

According to Sunny Vaghela, a cyber crime expert from Ahmedabad:

People purchase cheap Chinese-make mobile phones but they do not have warranty or authentication. They could prove to be dangerous when in hands of terrorists or anti-social elements.

So, if you are planning to purchase a China based, cheap handset then you must reconsider your plans, as they may be of no use in the near future 🙁
To, those who already have a Chinese handset, do not panic, just wait till any such official notification is out by TRAI or DoT.


  1. Chetan Reply

    Many Chinese mobiles are without IMEI number, this is one of the major security reason why it will be banned .

  2. bnp Reply

    My chinese mobile has IMEI Number , even then why they have banned mine ? I am not able to make Out going calls

  3. p@r@noid Reply

    This will be bad for many people atleast we can take a feel of costly mobile @ lower price and better service (Touch screen, dual sim and more )

    • admin Reply

      @ Paranoid
      You are right, but keeping in mind security concerns Govt. of India has decided to put forth this step..

  4. bnp Reply

    IMEI number is very much present for some Chinese Mobiles. Those mobiles that have unique IMEI number are working fine.

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      But many times chinese mobiles seems to have fake IMEI number.. So the best way to avoid such situations is get your bills while purchasing new mobiles (specially chinese)

  5. Outspoken Reply

    The phones have not yet been banned. The mobile operators have approached trai and said that they will come up with software to issue imei numbers to these phones for nominal fee so that users are not inconvenienced.
    but use caution anyway, pause your plans to buy the chinese phone for a few weeks/months/years (u know how fast out country works…)

  6. anirban Reply

    i don’t think that they will be banned because DoT has taken steps to open 1600 centres across India who will implant IMEI numbers to those mobiles which hasn’t got any IMEI number.

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply


      Yes we are aware about the fact..
      But this article was posted prior to this order of Supreme Court of validating IMEI in one of the 1600 centers setup by DoT.

  7. shamim Reply

    I think ban on chinese phones is more about battle between capitalism vs communism than a security problem. TRAI should provide valid IMEI for chinese phones, because people are getting high-end multimedia phones at much lesser price.

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