Comparison of 4 Entry Level Camera Phones From Nokia with Images and Videos

Here is a detailed comparison of four entry level camera phones from Nokia i.e. Nokia 2700 Classic, Nokia 7210 Supernova, Nokia 5130 Express music and Nokia 6303 classic. If you are looking to purchase a new camera phone in entry level price then this post should help you take the right decision and choose the best phone for you.

Nokia phones

As you can see on the image above, all the four Nokia phones are almost identical with about same features and functionality except few minor changes in looks, size, weight and features. You can have a look on the table below for detailed features, dimensions and specifications of each of the phones.

Comparison of Nokia 2700C, 7210 Super Nova, 5130 Express Music & 6303C

nokia 2700Nokia 2700 nokia 7210 Nokia 7210 nokia 5130 Nokia 5130 nokia 6303 Nokia 6303
Dimensions (in mm) 109x46x14 106x45x10 107.5×46.7×14.8 109x46x12
Weight 85 GM 105 GM 88 GM 96GM
Form Bar type Bar type Bar type Bar type

Display Colors

Upto 262K colors

Upto 262K Colors

Upto 256K colors

Upto 16.7 Million colors

Memory (Internal + Expandable) 64MB + 2GB 30MB + 2GB 30MB + 2GB 17MB + 4 GB
OS S-40 Series S-40 Series S-40 Series S-40 Series
Camera Yes- 2 MP Yes- 2MP Yes- 2MP Yes- 3.2MP
Zoom 4x Digital 4x Digital 4x Digital 8x Digital
LED Camera Flash Yes
Music Player Yes Yes Yes Yes
FM Radio Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bluetooth Yes Yes Yes Yes
GPRS Yes Yes Yes Yes
3.5 MM Audio jack Yes Yes Yes No

Best Features

Inbuilt flash light (torch)

Ultra slim – Only 10MM thick

Music Series Phone with dedicated music keys

Better camera – 3.2 MP with 8x zoom and LED Flash

Volume Average Average High Average
Rating: (Out of 5)
Looks 2.5 4 4.5 3.5
Keypad 3.5 3 4 4.5
Overall 3.5 4 4.5 4
Approx Price (INR) Rs. 4600 Rs. 4900 Rs. 5400 Rs. 7800
Approx Price (USD) $92 $98 $110 $160

Among the four phones above, its obvious that Nokia 5130 is value for money as its the cheapest ‘express music’ series phone that any music lover would definitely love to have. Apart from that, if budget is not a constraint and, if you are looking for a better camera phone, then Nokia 6303 classic is a good option too, as it has a 3.2 megapixel camera with LED flash and also supports 8x digital zoom. But another thing you need to know before choosing Nokia 6303 classic is, unlike other 3 phones above, this phone is not equipped with a 3.5 mm audio jack that would be really irritating for people who love to listen music using earphones.

Comparison Images of these phones:

Front view of all 4 phones side by side

Nokia phones front

Rear view:

nokia phones back

More pics: (Click on the respective images to view large size images)

nokia 5130 and nokia 6303 nokia 2700 and nokia 7210 Nokia 2700

nokia 7210 front nokia 7210 back nokia 5130 front

Nokia 5130 back nokia 6303 nokia 6303 side

Comparison Video:

Here is a short video comparison of these Nokia phones.

So, here ends the ultimate review of 4 basic camera handsets from Nokia. Do not forget to let us know your feedback about this review so that we can keep bringing you such reviews!

Special thanks to Vaibhav Kanwal who induced me to shoot my first comparison video of these four phones. 🙂

P.S:. Some of the handsets used here for comparison are dummy handsets and if want us to come up with more such reviews, you can arrange to send us handsets! 😉


  1. Sourav Reply

    Superb Post..thanks a lot for this extremely good contribution for all Nokia would be buyers which would definitely help them to zero in on their choices.

    Thanks ! 🙂

  2. Anil Reply

    Prolly u need to make a small correction to ur review, 2700, 5310 and *6303* have 3.5mm jack while 7210 has 2.5 mm jack….

  3. Gagan Reply

    Buddy, my sis is having 6303 classic and I just bought her this coz its having 3.5 mm jack since she needed a phone which can solve the purpose of an ipod…
    And in terms of looks I would have given 4.5 to 6303c instead of 5130…..

  4. Vishal Reply

    Great comparision i liked it a lot. U have not aded a feature that 5130 has tv output option. Is 2700 has egprs and is it a good phone to purchase.

  5. anish Reply

    Nokia 2700 is value for money and it is way better than nokia 5130 n supernova 7210

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      Thanks for pointing out, Vishal. Yes 2700 is good too, but personally I liked 5130.

      All the 4 phones are almost same, depends upon personal choice 🙂

  6. Argo Reply

    The Nokia 6303 actually DOES have a 3.5mm jack. In your video, the hole you were describing as the jack is actually where you stick the recharger. The bigger hole beside it is the 3.5mm jack. Also, you left out a very important feature from your comparison: battery life. For me, considering the better camera, substantially longer battery life and looks, I’d have the 6303 (actually will have in a week or so). Other than that, a good review!

  7. nivesh varshney Reply

    actually approx my 20 friends are having these phones and my father,mother and brother and me having all these 4 phones at last i think 6303 is not up to the mark phone as its camera is not comparable to 3.2 mp image and 5130 has a problem of hanging while high storage and not good at internet surfing.7210 has low battery and doesnt support software applications.the best phone is nokia 2700c as it runs google earth fast internet.good concept of search things at low cost as well as support many applications with a inbuilt flash lite overall marvellous

  8. pravin Reply

    can u suggest wether nokia 2700 or nova(4.4k) or 2730 is best to buy>>> an its added plus

  9. Rainmangl Reply

    I have a problem with my 7210 supernova….the mp3 player does not work,it says ‘unsuficient memory’ and also the camera does’nt work when i turn it on it says “camera in stand-by”.and finally,the applications from phone have gone,i don’t know how!the phone memory is now 4mb instead of 30!can u help me,please?

  10. Nainesh joshi Reply

    I wanna gift nokia mobile to my friend its girl but my budget is below 5000 rs…can you please guide me which one should i prefer, but do want maximum features in that…

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