Over 20 Ways to Send Free SMS in India and Worldwide!

Since quite long time,Free_sms_to_india_worldwide I was listing various services that helps you send free SMS (group and Individual) in India and around the world. And here is the ultimate list of websites using which you can send free SMS to a group of people or individuals in India or outside India.

Free Individual SMS in India:

Unlike group messaging (covered on the bottom section), using individual SMS services you can send SMS to only one person at a time. But that’s ok when you need to send some messages to a single person, isn’t it? So here we go with the list of free SMS providers in India:

  1. foosms FooSMS: No wonder Foosms has topped in the list of about 20 free SMS providers. It is one of the best free SMS provider with quick and assured delivery of text sent to Indian numbers. The best part is, unlike others, you need not sign up with them to send free SMS. Just visit Foosms.com, enter the mobile number and text (within 120 chars.) and hit ‘Send’. Voila, you are done. 🙂
  2. Way2SMS: Send free SMS in India upto 140 characters
  3. 160by2: Supports individual and group SMS in India and few other countries upto 80 characters
  4. MySMSIndia
  5. SpiceSMS
  6. Free SMS8
  7. SMS7: Option to schedule SMS, but you are allowed to send a maximum of 50 SMS per account per day.

Sending Free SMS Internationally:

  1. SendfreeSMS: Send free SMS to over 50 destinations outside India
  2. Free SMSix: Yet another service like foosms, that doesn’t require any registration or login and claims to send free SMS to over 40 countries, though it did not seem to work during our test.
  3. Sea SMS: Works for both India and out of India
  4. Jungle SMS
  5. Free SMS Tous: Ability to send free SMS only to the US
  6. SMS Free 4 All: Yet another service for free International SMS
  7. Wadja: Send SMS to over 500 networks and 200 countries
  8. Send Free SMS: Canada Specific
  9. CBF SMS: UK Specific
  10. MobiK: Supports many countries including US & India.

Sending Free Group SMS in India:

Group SMS/messaging is a service, using which you can send a common text to a group of people via SMS and such services are proved to be best when you need to communicate with a group of people simultaneously. Here are the best (free) group messaging services available for India:

  1. Way2SMS: A simple interface to send group SMS to a specified group. Text limit remains 140 characters though.
  2. google sms channels Google SMS Channels: Helps you to send customized SMS to a group of people. It is one of the most popular and reliable SMS service by Google (India). The basic advantage of using this product is, you can feed your SMS group with an RSS feed as in we used to do it for receiving Orkut scraps as SMS for free. The only downside of this service is, you cannot add anyone to your group (it reduces spamming though), rather the people who wish to join your group will have to join in by sending a specified text.
  3. smsgupshup SMS GupShup: Called India’s Twitter on mobile, this service is similar to Google SMS channels
  4. MyToday: Among the few first entrants in this field. Though it could not manage to win the hearts of many Indians because of lack of developments and inconsistent service.

Free Group SMS worldwide:

  • 160by2: Send individual or group SMS (upto 10 recipients at a time) to India, UAE, Saudi, Kuwait, Singapore, Philippines & Malaysia. The concept behind 160by2 is, the total 160 characters is divided into 2 parts, 1 is used for free SMS text and the other part for advertisement.

Do let us know if you find anything similar to share here (proper credits will be given) or if any of the above service stops working for you, via the comment form below.


  1. Gagan Reply

    Correct it buddy, I the new size of SMS for 160by2 has increased to 145 I think(I forget a lot but it sure is increased)
    and I guess you forgot to mention MyCantos.com which also provides reliable way to send free sms…

  2. Vinay Reply

    Thanks Deepak Jain For Suggesting BollywoodMotion.Com Nice Site For Sending SMS

  3. chetan kambli Reply

    Send Unlimited FREE SMS to any mobile in india u can earn gifts and money from sms2mint.com

  4. Tejas.p b'lore Reply

    Hi deepak,, am very thankful for providing information,, my qtn is is it possible to send group sms through cell phone without consuming our free sms’s??

  5. taher Reply

    cool website for 3 live news channels also
    and that too with supperb streaming w/o any

    keep it up buddies!!


  6. Sanjay Reply

    I need to send unlimited sms National & International sms but nobody are offering free unlimited or International free sms facility. About 90% websites are promising free unlited international sms but they are not really providing this type of facility. So Please tell extract which website are offering this type of service in India or outside from India. Thank you for your reply in Advance.

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      @Sanjay: You can check out foosms.com. It offers completely unlimited free SMS (though they reserve some space in each msg for advertisement)

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      Sorry, but I haven’t come across any website providing 180 char. sms support. Will definitely share if I come through any such website. 🙂

  7. mahesh Reply

    check out tagg.in It offers free group sms all over india, and is faster than sms gupshup and google sms channels

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      Thanks for dropping a line. Yes, we recently tried tagg a try too and it looked promising. Will update the post with this site as well.

  8. Vishal Reply

    Thanks a lot Sir,,,

    your Mobile Gyan has proven very helpful to me,,,

    keep helping like this…

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