Meet new People near you with Domo App

Tonchidot, Tokyo based mobile application company launched Domo, an App to connect with new people around you. This app uses Facebook to get the profile details and find people around you based on that. This helps to connect with new people at Parties, Events, College campus or work place.

Domo for Android and iPhone

Features of Domo

  • Share Work, Education, Groups and other things you liked on Facebook.
  • Also share TV, Movies, Music and books.
  • Keep your profile private.
  • Import your Facebook profile.
  • Browse people around you and their interests.
  • Find common interest between you and others.
  • Share text messages and pictures with them.
  • Say Domo (Can be used to hello, sorry or thank you).

Demo video of Domo App:

Cost: Free

Platform: Android (2.1 and above), iOS (4.0 and above)

Download link: Domo for Android, Domo for iPhone


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