Google Instant preview now on Android and iPhone

Google brought its instant feature to Android and iPhone last December. Google Instant preview that is already available on desktop browsers is now available for Android and iPhone. This offers webpage snapshots of searches in the sidebar.This helps to spot the content easily from the search without opening the link.

Google Instant Preview for Android and iPhone

How to view Search Preview?

  • After finishing Google search, press the magnifying glass next to the search result to get the page preview in the sidebar.
  • Use the arrow keys to browse the preview or by swiping by your finger or pause on a page to see description of a page below the preview.
  • To open that page click the preview snapshot or text description below it to go the website.

A demo video of Instant preview by Google:

Google Instant preview is available worldwide in 38 languages.

Supported Devices: Android (2.2 and above), iOS (4.0 and above)

(via Google Mobile Blog)

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