Announcing Mobile Gyaan Help: Free Mobile Support & Telecom Complaints Redressal Section

Since the last couple of months we have been watching many of you getting harassed by your telecom operators and having no one at your rescue. Hence, we are rolling a dedicated community driven mobile help section just to help you out with your unanswered queries relating to mobile handsets, apps, games and most importantly, redressing the complaints against your telecom operators.


FAQs relating to Mobile Gyaan Help

You can find answers to most of your common questions relating to help section on this welcome post. Should you have any further queries or feedback relating to the help section, please drop a comment on the same thread.

Link: Mobile Gyaan Help


  1. Yogesh Reply

    i am vry glad and happy that this website and you r both developing really very well…
    its a great thing that u think abt people…
    like u must have seen in the movie ROCKET SINGH when ranbir says…
    he does not know numbers…all he ever knew was people…and thats exactly u have been doing since you started blogging and since u have been thru this mobilegyaan…
    keep it up and u r really going great…

    this help section…probably the first of its kind from any individual is a great initiative and i have the vibes that it will take u very far..

    all the best and whenevr u need me m nt far…just lemme knw…

    tke cre
    b well..

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      I am really very thankful to you for your nice words and support. I too hope the help section would be mutually helpful for both readers (with answers to their questions) and we (to gain fame).

      About the idea, the help section is inspired by Amit Bhawani’s – Answer Next but I then felt the need of a similar thing for the harrased and irritated mobile phone users and rolled this out. 🙂

      Thanks again for your support. 🙂

  2. Himadri Dimri Reply

    wow, this sounds great ! seriously…could you tell me ? i have started Gprs on my airtel phone nokia e5 ,have a plan still money is cut 🙁 i just dont understand what i am doing wrong.

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      Thanks Himadri!
      Just call up 198 (coommon complaint booking number for all telcos)!
      And tell them the problems.
      IMO, there could be several reasons for this, plan’s not yet activated yet on your number, use of wrong settings, etc.

      Next time make sure you post Qs on help section to get real ‘Gyaan’ 🙂

  3. sitakanta Reply

    Looks like I missed the mail today.

    This is awesome because the mobile phones and companies are getting too smart even for geeks. It will definitely help people like me who get confused with all the instructions.

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      Thanks Sita! 🙂

      We’ll try our best to help those ‘frustated’ users get the best possible service for the price they pay as I strongly believe “Customer is the King” 😉

  4. Jasmin Nirmal Reply


    i have lost my mobile samsung star 5233 on 13-03-2011, 357202032134687,

    My Name is Jasmin Nirmal living at Rajkot (Gujarat)

    Please help me to trace the my phone


  5. sandhya Reply

    hello deepak…i lost my sony ericcson w830i 3days back…i dint use any of d tracer card facility b4…Is dere any way dat i can know where my mobile is by using my imei no…..jus help me out…

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      Sorry to hear that Sandhya.

      Unfortunately, I don’t think much can be done to get your lost handset back. Still you can have a look on few tips here.

  6. venkatarajan Reply

    i read about the article for mobile gyaan in “the hindu” , it is surely a very useful iniative……. i have a question now, is it really possible for a to provide broadband speed @ 21.1 mpbs here in india ?

  7. Unnikrishnan Reply

    Respected Sir,

    My name is Unnikrishnan.Iam residing in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.Iam using Tata Docomo GSM sim.My number is 9037918782.

    On 06-09-2012 morning, I got a sms in my mobile from DoCoMo .The sms read like this “summer contest offer. Get Rs.100 talk time, 1.5 ton AC and prizes upto Rs.2 lakhs. Sms WIN to 54321(toll-free)”There was no “T&C apply” or “Normal tariff apply” conditions with the sms. Accordingly I have sent sms “WIN” to 54321 from my above mobile No.Then I started getting questions for which I sent replies promptly. This continued till 65 questions. In between even once I Didn’t get warning that “sms cost Rs…balance Rs…” as was usual after every sms and call. Then after some time when I made call I was alarmed to know that the balance is just Rs.7/- whereas the opening balance was Rs.217/-.The DoCoMo company had exploited me Rs.3/- each for every sms I have sent to their toll free number 54321.

    This is the usual practice of the Tata DoCoMo to steal money from the customers account in one pre-test or other. Earlier also I had such bitter experience from them and I had brought it to TRAI’s notice. Then I have sent them an email requesting them not to send any promotional or advertisement sms which have a cost.

    Knowing the low balance and the way they deducted the amount ,I called to their customer care No.121at19.54 on 06-09-2012.I explained to the person who took the call and he asked me to wait till he get the details. I waited and waited but he came with a reply that the sms are all chargeable and Rs.195/- have been deducted from my account. I explained to him that I sent the sms as I got the message saying this as “toll-free”. Then he said that he had registered my complaint and forwarded to somebody who will call me later. The conversation took about 9 minutes and after that I got a sms saying “Call cost: 50 paise has been deducted from your balance”. Iam first time hearing deducting cash for calling to customer care. Till date I have not got any reply from the TATA DoCoMo nor have I got any refund to my account.

    I have complained to TRAI by email twice but didnot get any reply.

  8. rohit Reply

    I have a 3g plan for my number. i have a vodafone connection. but i don’t understand why its still working as 2g not 3g.

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