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smsmeon Have you ever imagined how it would be if you get a mobile short code with your own customization options for free? SMSMEON is a new venture which provides free mobile identity for cell phone users in India. Here you can get a short code with your own customized keyword and everything for free. 🙂

SMSMEON team says:

Mobile identity will be your own personal address on the mobile, which can be accessed by your friends & family, anywhere & anytime for sharing any information you desire and vice versa.


For those who don’t know what actually a short code is, it is like a premium number that you usually use for voting and using different premium services. Unlike other 10 digit mobile numbers, its numbers are unique containing five or six digit numbers like 567678, 51234, etc. After signing up at you will be provided with a specific keyword which you can use with some welcome message or you may even write ‘about you’ on it. This short codes is similar to an E-mail id but you can use it as a mobile identity. As of now, the only disadvantage is figured out is, it does not have a support for two way communication. For example, if your friends use your short code they can only view your message and cannot drop in their message to you. Still, this free short code service is worth a try and may be of great help under certain circumstances. Lets assume, I have created my own id on it with "DeepakJain" and whenever my friends want to know my present address, they can just send an sms with my id to 56070 and immediately they will receive an SMS with the address that I have updated. Similarly this service can be used for various such purposes. You let us know how you will make use of this free service?

As usual, with many advantages this service too have got certain disadvantages. If you are a Reliance (CDMA) user, then this service is not for you. 🙁 There’s some bug in this site which prevents Reliance users to complete registration, but for this you can use your friends mobile number to complete the registration process. 😉 Before leaving I would suggest one thing to SMSMEON team, this service would have been better if they would have allowed its users to use this short codes for two way communication. Hope some one from SMSMEON would drop in here and read out this suggestion from us and I guess this would be made available too in the future as this service is currently in beta stage.

Links: SMSMEON (FAQ) | How it works

(Via Information Madness)


  1. Sita Reply

    Welcome back deepak. Glad to see you blogging again. Though honestly I could not make any sense out of this post 🙁

  2. Dnyanesh Reply

    It would have been better If they had provided facility of changing the status from the mobile phones. Still, I think this would be a great thing to try!

  3. outspoken Reply

    Nice idea. Those guys make money as your friends are going to be charged VAS charges for each query. In case you don’t know, whenever you sms to a VAS number, owned by someone other that your mobile operator, the other party takes a small amount for each sms sent to the number from ur mobile operator.
    Now think of the amount of money the reality shows would have made all these years, the amt. may be small for each sms but with crores of sms sent…

  4. raju Reply

    its a fake site
    THEY MAKE MONEY EVERY TIME YOU SMS THEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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