Google Drive To Introduce Full PC And Mac Backup Sync Feature Starting June 28

When it comes to cloud backup or storage, we are sure Google Drive would possibly be your first choice. The cloud storage is packed with features from multiple platform support, anytime anywhere data availability, easy setup and moreover free cloud storage by default up-to15 gigabytes. You do not have to buy anything rather just have to pay a small amount for some extra storage if needed which is very minimal.


With the new feature being introduced on June 28th, you will now be able to backup and sync your chosen files and folder directly to the cloud using your Windows or Mac PC. The basic idea here is to upload your data, file or folder lying on the PC as it is and simultaneously making a second copy of the same in your Google Drive. It will keep all those data right where they are lying on your PC and would sync the same at equal intervals.

Backup & Sync

These features would not ask you to download and install another standalone app, rather the feature will be introduced to your Google Drive App as an update starting June 28. It will also ease out your interaction with the drive by providing separate photos uploader inbuilt.

The new feature is being pushed out to the regular consumers right away and enterprise consumers will have to wait in order to get this update as the Drive Stream Package offered on GSuite is in EAP currently and will be rolled out soon to all the Gsuite enterprise consumers as well. Meanwhile, if they like to do so they would have to separately download the installation file in order to access these new features since Google will not roll the backup & sync feature to them.

As of now the only con with the new update is, regular and free consumers might run out of storage space and would have to either delete some data and make room for new or have to pay the basic price to acquire more storage.

Source: Google Blog

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