iPhone 3G can now be yours for just Rs. 18,499 – NO Catches!

iphone 3g gets cheaper

March was the month full of big announcements. Two biggies of the Indian telecom industry launched the Apple iPhone 3GS this month. iPhone 3GS was announced worldwide in June 09. It took almost 9 months’ time for iPhone 3GS to be launched in India which is available for Rs. 35,000 approx.

But what about the iPhone 3G? The iPhone 3G which got a very dull response from the Indian market mainly due to the cost factor and unavailability of 3G services is set to be sold in India at an unbelievable  price. The predecessor of the new iPhone 3GS can now be yours for only Rs. 18,499 (8GB Model) and you can get the 16GB model for Rs. 24,499. This is a quite surprising move from a leading Indian cellular operator (name withheld for security reasons). Though we don’t yet have a hint whether the phone will be locked with the operator at this price or it will be sold unlocked!

iphone 3g gets cheaper

The market share of Apple iPhone in India is quite less as the handsets are quite expensive and are mostly considered next to luxury items. The fact that smart-phones which were once considered as luxury items are settling in the mid range that is around 15-20K. Nowadays, Android phones are available for as cheap as 12K and you can now get Blackberry 8520 for 13K. The price reduction of the iPhone 3G will definitely revolutionize the Indian cellular market. Considering the rumors about the launch of iPhone 4G or iPhone HD in June this year; we think that the older versions of iPhone may witness another price cut in India.

Our unofficial sources also suggest that the only two telecom operators who provide 3G data services are eyeing the iPhone and may announce their plans soon. So folks, start saving for the ‘Jesus phone’ as it can be yours very soon. Lets hope they do the same justice to the data plans for the iPhone.

This news was leaked from our sources and the official announcement is expected to be out by the end of this week. Stay tuned on this post and we will get you the ‘leaked’ official papers of this announcement.

Update 1: As promised earlier, here are some snaps of the upcoming official announcement (thanks to our spies). Because of several reasons, few parts on the image has been blurred. The official image also hints about the announcement of a break-through data plan.

Update 2: There’s another update about it and can be found on this post.

So what do you think about this price fall? Are you going to purchase your dream phone?


  1. Aatif Reply

    *Got Excited*
    *looked at the date, Oops its April 1st*
    *Excitement dies*

  2. suraj Reply

    seems like this is not a April Fool stunt to me .. @deepak is serious about it .. Please dont ignore it

  3. Puneet Reply

    I still dont believe it.

    Reason 1 : even I can print such info by making such thing in ms word.

    Reason 2 : Though some portions of the image are blurred but one can easily make out that Airtel logo is being blurred. So if this is such a top secret which the company do not want to reveal then even that blurred logo should not have been the part of the image.

    • Deepak Jain Reply

      @All above:
      For all those who still don’t believe me and Suraj, just wait for few time and see the official announcement by your own!

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  6. Viral Reply

    thats aprilful stunt only, my friend is working in airtel only, and even no insiders knows such crap

  7. Rock Reply

    there could be some truth
    see the properties of the image file
    shows photo taken from a SONY DSC-W310 camera
    wat do u say?

  8. Sagar Reply

    Agar yeh mazaaak hua… toh.. toh….
    kuch nahin kar sakte.. bas aisa mazaak karne waale ko bad-dua de sake hain…. dude… this aint seem to me a truth… surely…. some kinda joke.. for sure..

  9. rAg Reply

    See the pixelated images, its just like clicking my laptop screen.. these are images created on some laptop 😛

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  11. Angad Reply

    It fake
    1- 16 gb says 8gb flash
    2- edr
    3-April fools day
    I wish it was true after July n not b4 that

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  14. Dnyanesh Mankar Post authorReply


    There is no day such as July Fools Day so we had to do this on April 1st.

  15. MAK Reply

    This offer is only for Airtel Employee, if u able to read bottom lines.

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