Free Calling and Data Services from Jio might get extended till this date

reliance jio offer extension

Rumour has it that, Reliance Jio is going to extend its free offer till 30th of June 2017. But Since telecom operators are not allowed to provide promotional offers for more than 90 days, Reliance Jio is overcoming this restriction imposed by TRAI by asking its customers to pay a nominal amount of 100 Rupees to avail the new offer.

Reliance jio free till june 2017

Reliance Jio would soon be announcing the new offer before the expiry of “Happy New Year” offer. The new offer is expected to be valid from First of April 2017 to the Thirtieth of June 2017.
It should also be noted that Reliance industries have recently invested an amount of Rs. 30,000 Crores to expand Jio’s Network making the total capital invested in Jio to an astounding amount of Rs. 2,01,000 Crores.

Ever Since its launch in September of 2016 Reliance Jio is growing rapidly and by December 31 Jio had more than 72.4 Million customers. It is India’s fastest growing network with lakh’s of new customers joining daily.

Reliance Jio has been giving tough competition to its rivals since Jio’s free offers are poaching the customers of the existing telecom networks forcing the likes of Vodafone and Idea to offer cheap plans. Vodafone has reacted to this by revealing its truly unlimited data plan offering 3G/4G internet at Rs.16/hr under the Superhour pack. Following Vodafone, Idea has also unveiled its truly unlimited data plan providing 3G/4G internet at Rs.22 per hour.

This new offer could very well be a test for Jio, as it is easy to attract new customers by offering free services to let them experience your network. But now that you have to pay for it,¬†how many people will actually buy the new offer? Do you think Jio’s Services are worth paying for?

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