Samsung Unveils latest Touch Phone – Samsung Jet 2

Samsung has introduced its latest premium touch phone in the country, Samsung Jet 2. This phone is an upgrade over its predecessors in the Jet series phones. This phone has a 16M WVGA AMOLED display (3.1″) screen in which the main display supports navigation through widgets. This phone also comes with an amazing 5 MP camera and even has a 3D media gate which gives the user access to features such as Photo album, FM radio, Music player, Video player, Games and Internet on his fingertips.

The phone even has inbuilt Dolphin Internet Browser through which users can view upto 5 web pages at the same time and even turn these pages into widgets for the home screen, just by bookmarking them. There are also features such as a built in ad-blocker, multiple and background downloading features which makes it a very user- friendly phone with regard to browsing and downloading.

Another wonder feature on this phone is the one-touch zoom which enables one-hand operation while zooming unlike the conventional usage of two-hands for a touch phone.


Ranjeet Yadav, Director- Mobile & IT, Samsung Electronics states mentioned in a press conference:

Today’s mobile users seek smart features and easy-to-use user interface in their mobiles. Samsung Jet 2 combines both these qualities and gives the user a superior and differentiated experience.

The phone also has today’s essential features such as 3G/EDGE etc. This phone costs Rs19500, for which you get quite a lot of features. So it looks like Samsung has got another winner in this phone.

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