Google Search on Mobile gets better!

Google has always believed in experimenting and innovating things with all its products. Now its  turn of its Mobile search engine i.e. – mobile version for Google has given a new look for its Mobile Search page on Android and I-Phone. The search options of Google mobile homepage which had options like web, images, local, news has got a new header bar that looks quite soothing to the eyes and also includes the buzz icon on the corner, you can keep switching the tabs easily on the touch screen phones.

google search for mobile

Another improvement is, the search button is now located next to the search box rather than below it that helps not to block the view of the typed words. And finally, the most demanded and loved feature of Google search – Auto suggest is now available for its mobile version search as well!


  1. rahul avasthy Reply

    waitin fr blackberry update!
    the current google app is quite heavy
    also where d heck is google buzz on my cell!

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